Interstate and what they can offer you

Steven John Ndikum
Staff Writer

Interstate offers electrical engineering, electrical construction, and control systems services.

Through their unique integrated project delivery approach, they can provide customers with one or all their services.

Whether the project is large or small, complex or simple; Moreover, they develop solutions tailored to specific needs. Interstates headquarters is in 1520 North Main PO Box 260 Sioux Center, Iowa 51250.

On Tuesday, October 17 from 5pm to 6pm, Jill Netten, a recruiter at the Interstate Company held a meeting with her team in Wissink Hall 289 to elaborate more on the company policies, achievements, and core competencies the company has used to stay outstanding.

The meeting was colored of many students having the zeal to extend their skills in a professional setting.

This time around this great event began with some refreshment. 

Interstate constitutes of three main services which are electrical construction, electrical engineering, and control systems. 

Their services have impacted industries such as pet food, foods and beverages, chemicals /oil and gas, and automotive engineering. In addition, their great work can be seen in the grain export terminal in Longview, WA., and, Ozark mountain poultry in Batesville, AR.

“We accomplish our work by having a zero-injury culture,” says Interstate. In today’s world, electrical and mechanical firms have one of the highest recorded injuries.

Interstate stands out with a difference called the zero-injury culture, which enables each employee the necessary protection available to prevent them from injuries or any form of electrocution. 

This has greatly influenced their production and turnover over the past years.

 They have diversified construction practices, as well. Innovation is what keeps a company outstanding. 

With the presence of diversified technological practices, it has helped them to achieve their targeted goals within a time frame.

Time is a tool, but innovation is the engine.

They also have great technological assets. Interstate make use of diverse technological tools. Some of these tools are site TV boxes, iPads, 360-degree cameras, virtual reality, and 3D laser scanning.

Interstate’s company engineer responsibilities are project management, which lead project teams, conceptual design and feasibility, collaboration and coordination studies. Moreover, it ensures safety by applying code compliance with NEC, NFTA, and local requirements.

Their electrical drawing packages are power distribution one line, a motor control center, panel board details, grounding bonding, lighting plan views. 

Controls and automation are operations in technology, industrial analytics, custom software development, and automation, (programmable logic, controllers, and human machine interface).

This company trains their employees to be able to advance in their career from one systematic point of growth to the other.

They help each employee maintain a work-life balance relationship by offering a full benefits package which constitutes of single and family insurance, holiday and vacation, and training (leadership, training, and safety). 

To summarize this event, Interstate has opened doors to students willing to do internships or project proposals which needs funding.

You can look at their website for current openings and career opportunities.

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