“Healthy gums don’t bleed,” come get screened

David Bassey
Editor In Chief

Getting your teeth clean is important. As you plan on having a fun filled holiday filled with lots of munching, you want to consider the services provided by the dental hygiene program come spring 2019.

Getting dental checkup is necessary for various reasons, not just for keeping that healthy smile bright and white. Here are a few why you should consider dental cleaning.

1. Getting dental cleaning can help you remove stains that might occur through various mouth activities such as eating, drinking, and use of tobacco. Bacterial infection that occurs as a result of plaque that builds up on the teeth can be removed during a dental cleaning process.

2. The prevention of gum disease is possible with teeth cleaning which leads to early tooth loss. Gingivitis, which is caused by an inflammation of the gingiva/gum can be prevented from blowing up to periodontitis.

3. The body is a highly connected combination of cells, systems and organs. Research has established a link between gum disease and cardiovascular disease

 A minimum of two visits yearly can reduce the probability of heart attacks and strokes. Combining routine cleaning with at-home care can reduce chances of diseases.

4. Your dental plan probably covers it, by utilizing your option with low or no copayments for a routine dental cleaning, you are also being a good steward of your finances and taking advantage of your policy.

By getting dental cleanings, you also save money on the costly dental procedures that could have been avoided or prevented through regular checkups.

“Even if you do not have insurance, come,” remarked Ally Schmeider, vice president of the Dental Hygiene program. “It might take a bit longer but it’s worth it.”

5. Early stages of oral cancer can be identified by the dental cleaning.

“Some people have diseases and don’t even know it,” says Margaret Winter, president of the Dental Hygiene program “and some people think it’s okay for gums to bleed, and healthy gums don’t bleed,” she added.

Some factors that contribute to oral cancer include age, tobacco and alcohol use, genetic conditions, etc.

During the process, certain abnormalities can be detected before they get out of hand.

6. Prevent bad breath. You’ve heard the saying brush twice daily, floss etc. Persistent bad breath (halitosis) can be caused by a coating on the surface of the tongue, food stuck between teeth, oral cancers or throat infections.

These arise as a result of poor oral hygiene and some cases periodontal disease.

7. Help a fellow Maverick. Each semester, dental hygiene students are required a minimum of 16 hours per week of cleaning. 

Some students who are not from here and do not have the connections, such as family and friends, find it difficult to find patients to work with.

This free screening provides an opportunity to assist a student in completing their graduation requirements and at a reduced cost; a win-win.

8. You get a whitening tray. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, with a dental cleaning, exam and x-ray done. You can get one for $50; and each time you return for a cleaning, you get more whitening for free.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your health after the holidays, the dental hygiene program is booking appointments for the new year with reduced cost for cleaning and examinations.

It is an easy process, all you need to do for a free screening is stop by or call the dental clinic at 507-389-1313 to schedule an appointment. 

The dental clinic is closed for the year but with more students joining the clinic next semester, lots of spots will be available for students and the public to reserve with $5 off treatment with a screening.

MSU Dental Clinic days are on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Clinical Sciences Building.

Feature photo by David Bassey | MSU Reporter.

One thought on ““Healthy gums don’t bleed,” come get screened

  • December 24, 2018 at 4:05 am

    bleeding gums could be just really sensitive gums so brushing and flawsing regularly should relieve it. but you should get it checked out soon if it persists. cuz it sounds like an infection or virus of some sort.


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