Get your wing fix and more at Buffalo Wild Wings

Nothing beats game night than great food and drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings all started with one restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, and ever since then, grown to have a store in every state in the U.S. What really matters to Buffalo Wild Wings are the wings, the beer, and the sports. They matter because that is what their fans/customers want and that is what they are all about, making their fans happy.

Buffalo Wild Wings, which has great service and a fun atmosphere, is located on St. Andrews Drive here in Mankato. You are always welcomed at Buffalo Wild Wings with a promise that you will be eating tonight and enjoying yourself with what they have on the menu. The selections, from appetizers, burgers, wings, and dessert, are endless and filling.

I usually go on Thursday nights for their Boneless Thursdays when the boneless wings are between $.60-$.70 cents per wing because I love their boneless wings. They also have half-off Wing Tuesday if you are a traditional wings lover. When it comes to wings, they have endless ways to customize your combo of wings from 16 signature sauces and five dry seasonings.

They have a variety of beer on tap from domestics, imports, and crafts. Their beer is always poured and garnished correctly for maximum flavor and freshness. Of course, nothing beats Buffalo Wild Wings than watching you’re favorite sport team on their 30+ flat screens with endless games to sit and enjoy with your friends and food. It’s the sports bar for the true sports fans.

Here’s a little tip though: if you want to get take out, do it before five o’clock. I’ll tell you why. I ordered takeout on Thursday, February 16, picked it up at 5, went back to work, and, I kid you not, it was the best time to get my wings. My wings were decocted and drenched in the sauces I ordered. They were very hot as if they just cooked and prepared it for me on the spot. As I took a bite, I couldn’t stop eating and savoring the bites because they were so mouthwatering. For me, getting them before 5 o’clock is the best time because you are beating the dinner rush before orders start coming in and more people begin to order.

So, whether you like eating burgers or wings, or if you’re just a sports fan who needs to watch a game, head over to Buffalo Wild Wings because they know how to make your night a fun night.

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