Letter to the Editor: Elections Commission addresses election postponement

Dear Editor,

Based on thorough discussion and review of concerns raised about the election including the commission’s lack of follow through on rules deemed to have the ability to substantially affect the election, specifically those rules requiring the posting of election candidacy procedures, the commission has voted and decided to revise the election timeframe and rules. We believe that this is in the best interest of all involved. It provides greater openness and an opportunity to spread awareness to more students.

The timeline and rules for the Spring 2017 election has changed.

• April 6th- revised election timeframe and rules approved by election commission 

• April 7th- candidacy application reopened 

• April 17th- Filing deadline for any and all candidates for any position 

• April 19th- Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate forum/debate at noon in the CSU 
hearth lounge 

• April 25th- Election Day from 8am to 6pm online at www.mnsu.edu/voting 
Election timeline and rules are available online at 

In regards to other concerns raised, I have provided brief explanations below: 

The posting of the 2014 Election Rules was an error that the Elections Commission was unaware of. Since finding out, the commission has removed said rules. 

The 2017 Election Rules were presented to the MSSA on March 1st and posted online on March 2nd. No candidate had access to them before any other candidate.

Policies for campaigning in Residential Life owned facilities are set by the Department of Residential Life. These policies are then shared with the Election Commission but the commission does not set them. 

Election season is very important to students and to the University as a whole. We hope to see interested student leaders step forward to represent their fellow students. 


Connor Martin

Head Elections Commissioner

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