Party profile: Get to know the MSSA candidates

Mavericks Empowering Mavericks

Party slogan:
“Empowering Mavericks for Success”

Party platform:
Our party platform encompasses three main points: academic access, diversity, and environmental sustainability. Other crucial initiatives that we have received as feedback from the students and RSOs have helped us create conversation and have helped us add to our initiatives. Our specific initiatives include, personalized advising, improving communications with RSOs, Greeks, and Athletes, expanding bus routes, and keeping the free lot free. Furthermore, we will improve access to volunteer opportunities for international students, as well as connect with and address the concerns of veterans, non-traditional students, and graduate students. Our platforms is specifically tailored to adhere to the concerns of as many students as possible to empower them for success.

List of party candidates for Senate:
Alex Lucier (Graduate Studies), Alima Bah (CSET), Bryan Beltran (Residence Community), Christina Hickey (Off-Campus), Cynthia Callais (SBS), Emily Christensen (Off-Campus), Erica Thompson (Allied Health & Nursing), Griffin Goode (Allied Health & Nursing), Ibelizet Dominguez (SBS), Karly Kaufman (Off-Campus), Kate Schmit (Residence Community), Katelynn Ogunfolami (Residence Community), Kyle Mercer (CSET), Leke Hoxha (Off-Campus), MeMe Cronin (Residence Community), Mindorr Sarre (Off-Campus), Monica Warner (Education), Nayeem Imtiaz (Student Body), Qendresa Isniqi (Student Body), Raymond Witte (Residence Community), Sam Toft (Athletic Advisory Committee), Samson Akin (COB) Shelly Thao (Allied Health & Nursing), Tomi Adeola (CSET), Travis Higgs (Graduate Studies), Wallace Pope (Off-Campus)

Black Student Union
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Chicano Latin-American Student Association
Latino Wellness
Tau Kappa Epsilon
African Student Association
Protecting Animal Rights Committee
Students Today, Leaders Forever
Eta Sigma Gamma
Dream Closet
Phi Delta Theta
Native American Student Association
Sigma Sigma Sigma
Delta Chi
Colleges Against Cancer
Asian Pacific Student Organization
Habitat for Humanity MSU
Chemistry Club
Accounting Club
Dance Marathon
Japanese Intercultural Association

NOTE: John Neitge and Chester Gaye are pictured but are no longer running. Karly Kaufman and Nayeem Imtiaz are running but are not pictured.


Support Our Students

Party slogan:
Official: “Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity,
and Approachability”
Unofficial: “Keep the Free Lot Free!”

Party platform:

Keep the Free Lot Free,
Review the class placement system in the college of business.
Improving the adviser experience across all majors
Promote and Support Maverick Athletics
Investigate how to get Free Menstrual Hygiene Products around Campus
Promote the use of Open Textbooks in the classroom.
Expand the Bus Service.
Many more: if you have any questions on where we stand on a particular issue we welcome you to reach out to us.

List of party candidates for Senate:
Sherwin Bothello (CSET), Prottoy Einstein (CSET), Anna Rehbein (CSET), Nicholas Meyer (COB), Keaton Collas (COB), Brianna Anick (SBS), Nolan Brinkman (Graduate Studies), Ramiro Vega (Off-Campus), Saurav Rawal (Off-Campus), Levi Peitz (Off-Campus), Jacob Meyer (Off-Campus), Alex Johnson (Arts and Humanities), Jimmy Seeley (Arts and Humanities), David Bassey (Newspaper Board)

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