Cutting the cord: choosing monthly subscriptions of cable

Not only is the price of getting cable getting very steep, it is also a hassle. After getting the cable box setup along with those providers that need you to get a satellite, it can all be a mess. Not to mention that plenty of apartment buildings or dorms do not allow a dish or do not have the appropriate hook-ups for the cable box. But this is the era of cord cutting, and these are my top picks on streaming services when trying to watch the game or your favorite show.

1. Hulu TV – This is by far the easiest and best as far as streaming quality. From the gaming system to your phone, most TV shows are is right in the app and easy to pull up along with your favorite channels. As with all of these, it is a month-to-month subscription and easy to cancel.

2. Playstation Vue – This is also a great source, although not accessible from every platform. Again, month-to-month and really streams nicely. Also, it works on smartphones, tablets and laptops. This is another site that makes it a seamless transition to TV right on the device.

3. Case By Case – You can go out and be very specific in what you want to stream. Say you love the Netflix shows and comedy specials; get Netflix for a very cheap cost. Maybe you just want NBA games–get the NBA league pass. NFL fan? Get Sunday NFL ticket. Want a selection of shows and movies not on a wide range of markets? Get the HBO app. Again, all of these are really easy to use, can be canceled anytime during your month-to-month subscription, and have very good streaming quality. These are also far more specific than cable TV offers, and for a lower cost.

4. DIRECTV Now – This is for those who do not want the box and dish, but still want the big company convenience of the DIRECTV brand name. The streaming quality here is very good on all the devices.

5. Sling TV – This one is great on devices such as Chromecast, Smart TVs and gaming systems. The streaming quality is not as good on the laptop or phone but the nice part here is the selection. You can pick a cheaper package to get 20 or so channels, then keep bumping it up, depending on what you want to watch. You can change which channels you want and how much you want to pay every month, if you so choose. The streaming quality is not good across all devices, but it is great if you just want a few channels for cheap.

So go out, cut the cords and get on a streaming site that is easy to use, less of a burden on the wallet and is easier to canceled at any time, for any reason. It is the best way to watch TV.

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