NFL: Wentz, Rhodes among those who deserve hardware

Though it is not the end of the season, it is the end of the semester and when we return for work at the Reporter it will be in the middle of the playoffs. So before we head out for winter break, it is time to select the winners for this year’s regular season awards. Note: This is the real awards, MVP, coach of the year, offensive player, etc. I will not be giving out the air-ground award. Do not be silly.

MVP – Carson Wentz, Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are rolling to the No. 1 seed and will be good for at least one victory in the postseason. The Eagles star quarterback has passed for 2,657 yards and 28 touchdowns in 11 games. While Wentz has been lights out, maybe his best asset has been his Aaron Rodgers-like ability to escape sure sacks and extend plays to keep the Eagles offense moving. He is the star player on the team America cannot stop talking about. Best team, best player, MVP.

Offensive Player Of The Year – Antonio Brown, Wide Receiver, Pittsburgh Steelers

Antonio Brown is double-covered every single game and it does not matter in the slightest. The star receiver has single-handedly won games for the Pittsburgh Steelers like the one against Green Bay. He has racked up 1,195 yards on 80 receptions, averaging 14.9 yards per reception while adding eight touchdowns. He is dependable, with the ability to always make a play or add a spark. He is also durable, which helps him edge out competition like A.J. Green or Julio Jones. Consistently showing up, making a difference and winning games.

Defensive Player Of The Year – Xavier Rhodes, Cornerback, Minnesota Vikings

Yeah, call it hometown biased or claim he has struggled because you saw him blow a couple plays while you were stuffed with Turkey. This is the best defensive player in football, consistently locking up the best player on the other team week-after-week and playing as the lynchpin in the defense. He has made the rest of the secondary look elite around him because he constantly forces a team to their second option and can sit alone on an island. When an elite corner plays, a lot of it is eye test. Since Rhodes doesn’t get a lot of passes thrown his way, his two interceptions may fool people into thinking he has had a down year. Do not be misled, this is one of the best putting on a show.

Offensive Rookie Of The Year – Alvin Kamara, Running Back, New Orleans Saints

After some thinning of the backfield happened in New Orleans, the Tennessee product exploded, showing his home run talent time and time again. He has racked up 1,094 total yards and nine touchdowns. He does so much for the offense, from between the tackles running, to bouncing out on a pitch, to running a route. Not only has he seen his snap count triple since the Adrian Peterson departure, but he also still has a month to put up stats.

Defensive Rookie Of The Year – Jamal Adams, Safety, New York Jets

The LSU Tigers stud from the Bayou is racking up 52 tackles and has a pair of both sacks and forced fumbles. On a poor team like the Jets, he is a reason to watch with how he flies around and makes plays. He has three passes defended as well, as he is a stud in coverage and is a monster when playing down in the box. After playing in the SEC, he is used to hard-nosed, smash mouth football that does not shy away from dishing out contact.

Coach Of The Year – Doug Marrone, Jacksonville Jaguars

This hinges on if they are able to make a playoff, but he has built a fantastic defense through free agency and the draft. More impressively, he has been able to win with Blake Bortles as his quarterback. The man may be a football God.


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