MNSU alumna speaks about memoir Those Three Words

Christine Bauer

Emmanuella Shokare

Staff Writer

“You are pregnant.” For some women, when these three words are said to them, it is like a dream come true—words may not be able to explain the joy they feel—but for some, it feels like the end of the word.

“Those Three Words: A Birthmother’s Story of Choice, Chance, and Motherhood” is a newly published memoir, written by Christine Bauer, who takes readers on her journey of being pregnant at the age of 18. Bauer is an alumnus of Minnesota State University, Mankato; she majored in Mass Communication. During her time at MNSU, she worked at The Reporter as a news writer and later as the news editor. She is currently the Director of Marketing at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Her memoir, “Those Three Words,” takes the readers on a journey of how to make the right choices, weighing the pros and cons and having to give up her child for adoption. It also talks about how it shaped her life and how she became the mother of two boys.

“I had an important story to tell about the power of choice and the unbreakable bond of maternal love,” Bauer said. “Facing an unwanted pregnancy can be devastating. It’s important for people to know how difficult this decision is and how important it is to have the right to choose.”

Bauer’s story sheds more light on the controversial issue of women’s right, access to birth control, abortion and adoption in the United States.

“It is frustrating to me that in this country we are still debating a woman’s right to choose and have access to birth control,” she said.

Bauer started writing the book 30 years ago. She wanted to share the importance of choice, the bond of motherhood and the love of family.

The book is relatable to the readers in many ways; women who know the joy and pain of going through a pregnancy and motherhood, the weight that is lifted when they have a supporting family, the pain of losing a child, the joy of loving a child and how to stay strong throughout the whole process.

Although there are some options to choose from with an unplanned pregnancy, the ability to choose the right option is really hard. Bauer chose to give her baby up for adoption and she is happy with her choice.

“My life would be completely different had I chose those other options. I made the right choice for me and it has all turned out so beautifully,” she said.

Bauer was able to stay in contact with her daughter and her adoptive family. They have become such an important part of her life, she said, and they all have a wonderful relationship.

“I’m so incredibly blessed and truly believe it was all meant to be. Sometimes the most difficult things you go through in life turn out to be the best,” said Bauer.

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