Our new dawn era – the new editor speaks

David Bassey

I’ve wondered what this day would look like since God did it. So many memories and emotions come coursing through my veins as I write this article. I am reminded of the early hours of the morning of January 11, 2015 at one of the lowest points in my life.So here I was singing ridiculously loud in my one-bedroom apartment in Houston, Texas, when I heard it visibly like a man speaking to his friend-” where I’ll take you, you can not take yourself there and do not try to help me like Abraham tried to”.

I honestly thought for a second if I was crazy to think that but then I remembered those Bible case studies of little Samuel and Eli the priest and then it dawned upon me, it was my heavenly father speaking. I can’t say I earned the position where I am right now but I can say that I am highly favored. My journey to the editor-in-chief position began not just as a photographer for the Reporter during my undergrad years but more than a decade ago and over 3000 miles away in Africa.

Only seven at the time, we were tasked with a weekend project from my parents. Our project resulted in a 5-page publication of short stories in collaboration with my siblings and cousins printed on a two-column letter size paper. Fast-forward to the present, I count this a unique growth opportunity in our NEW DAWN ERA. Well, what is new dawn? New dawn connotes something different, not seen or discovered before. Like my father, David Oyedepo will always say refereeing to 1 Corinthians 2:9; the things that God has in store for you, you are yet to comprehend.

We look forward to a year filled with lots of great initiatives and new sections in the paper especially during this remarkable year for our university, as we celebrate our 150th anniversary. We are intent on ramping up the quality and quantity of our social media connections and interactions.
We are also excited to cover the amazing projects and activities, our fellow colleagues are engaged in from science to arts to athletics and many more as we feature more online and print publications.

I have had a lot to learn and I thank my predecessor, Gabe Hewitt for doing a fantastic job of watering the ground for me and making this transition a lot smoother. I’m so eager to utilize the superpowers of my all-star editorial team comprising of news editor, Madison Diemert, A&E editor Lucas Torborg and sports editor Kevin Korbel, who bring so many great qualities and high expectations to our publications.

Our goal as a news organization is for you to enjoy this journey with us as we provide professional timely, unbiased and accurate representation of event and happenings though various media forms.
With this in mind, we are looking to hire talented and passionate writers, photographers, cinematographers, graphic designers and advertisement sales representatives.

You can contact David Bassey at David.bassey@mnsu.edu. He’s also on Instagram @its.ceed

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