Netflix’s September line up

“Black Panther”, “Bo Jack Horseman” and many more

Lucas Torborg
A&E Editor

Yes, once again summer has come and passed. School has arrived and therefore stress and procrastination is in the air. Luckily anyone with a Netflix account can relieve their fall stress by distracting themselves with a whole new line up of Netflix films and television being released within the month of September.

Netflix has just released their streaming schedule for September and it is a great month to have a Netflix account. No matter what genre one may prefer Netflix has something for everyone this month.

The biggest surprise this month on Netflix comes from the company of Disney and they also were some of the biggest block busters of 2018. The critically appraised and commercial hit “Black Panther” will be coming to Netflix Sep. 4. The other blockbuster film coming to Netflix in September was not as well received as “Black Panther”, but it is very visually pleasing. Netflix will release Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” Sep. 25.

On the smaller side of things Netflix is releasing quite a few of their own original movies that should be quite interesting. Starring Barb from “Stranger things” Netflix is releasing a new teen high school movie on Sep. 7 entitled “Sierra Burgess is a loser”.

Other Netflix original movies include; Bleach, a live adaption of the anime classic of the same name released on Sep. 14. and an Alaskan based thriller entitled “Hold the Dark” which will be released on September 28.

Get ready to spend the weekend on the couch because Netflix is releasing a slew of their original television shows this September. Marvel’s Iron Fist season 2 will be released on Sep.7, hopefully it’s significantly better than its first season. The second season of the dramatic comedy show “Atypical” will also be released on the same day. Horseman” will be returning for a fifth season on Netflix Sep. 14.

The surprise hit comedy last year “American Vandal” will be returning for a second season on Sep. 14 this time taking place at a private school. Lastly, the new sci-fi mind-bending television show “Maniac” will be released on Sep. 21, the miniseries stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill.

Netflix will also be adding some classic movies as well this upcoming month. On Sep. 1 the films “August Rush”, “Bruce Almighty”, “Groundhog”, “Scarface” and “The Breakfast Club” will be released. On sep. 15 fan favorite comedies such as Paul Rudd’s “Role Models” and the quirky movie “Scott Pilgrim V.S. the World will also be released.
This September make sure to mark your calendars because there are plenty of Netflix shows and movies to binge. To see the full list visit netflix’s media website

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