A Fetty Wap-less concert

One student’s view on the homecoming concert

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

Students lined up as excitement spread throughout the air for the much anticipated 2018 Fetty Wap homecoming concert. 

Students jammed to the top 100 hits as they waited for the concert to begin. As bodies started to squish into the outermost edges of the mosh pit, Melly Mike took the stage to pump up the crowd. His friends joined him as they squirted water on the heads of the students, jumped off the stage, and screamed into the microphone. His performance ended with his shirt on the floor and his abs exposed. 

However, students were getting impatient as thirst overtook their dry throats, sweat dripping down their backs, bodies squished on every side of them, the smell of armpits in the air, and the constant loud booing in their ears. 

The security attempted to quell the students down as they threw 72 bottles of water into the crowd. 

More Z-list artists took the stage such as Caroline Roman who sported a fuzzy coat and glittery face and social media star Reign Tyeler. 

“FETTY FETTY FETTY FETTY,” students yelled aloud after each lackluster performance. 

After a long period of stalling by the DJ and radio station Hot 96.7, Silento saved the night with his whip and nae nae. 

With his stunning dance moves, new catchy songs, and handing out roses to the crowd, Silento’s efforts slowly but surely gets the crowd fired up. 

That did not last long as they yelled for Fetty once again. After hours of waiting, Fetty Wap’s manager notified the Student Events Team that the rapper will no longer be arriving that night.

The organizers and students alike left Myers Field House with anger and disappointment weighing down on their hearts. 

All I have to say to Fetty Wap is, “Baby, won’t you come my way? Got something I want to say.”

Why did you flake out on us man?

Feature photo by Mansoor Ahmad | MSU Reporter.

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