MNSU songwriter brings the love with Valentine’s Day music video

Mark Reynolds
Staff Writer

Artist Brandon Weideman, known by his stage name Brandon and The Clubs, is releasing his first single and music video, “Love Club”, Thursday. 

The video, which Weideman filmed with the help of his friends and MavHouse Records, was fueled by the spirit of the song.

“Love Club is all about self-love and empowerment,” he said, “so I wanted to make a video that would capture that feeling. And since the song is being released on Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be cool if I got students from around campus to be in the video and write on a whiteboard something they love about themselves.”

The music video is filled with positivity, inviting people who feel unloved to search within to find what they love about themselves. Dancing, laughter, hugs and smiles are found throughout the video. It shows people coming together and embracing who they are, dancing along to the infectious melody together in love.

Being his first single, it was no small task for him to release a music video on top of that. But the Prior Lake native knew it was important.

“I wanted to shoot a video for my first single because this song means the world to me, and I always believe that music and visuals go hand in hand. So even as I was making this song, I started picturing what the video would look like,” he said.

Weideman started working on “Love Club” over a year ago when he was feeling lonely around Valentine’s Day, wanting to create a song for people who felt like him.

“I pretty much wrote that song not just for myself but for anyone who might feel like they don’t fit in, or they don’t have love,” he said. “But honestly the most important thing is that you love yourself. And that’s why the ‘Love Club,’ even if it’s not a certain place, it’s basically a place in your heart.”

Weideman’s optimism and kindness are not just apparent in his music. The music industry junior is a leader in the MNSU community. As the Spirit & Traditions Chair of Student Events Team, Weideman helps put on events for the students of the University including the Ice Sculpture, “Maverick Mondays” and much more. 

He is also the vice president of MavHouse Records, helping not just himself, but several other artists build and expand their musical careers. Weideman works every day to spread love to others and does the same in his music.

“What I hope people get from this video and song is a feeling of love and joy. Knowing that there is always a place for you in this world and that you are loved,” he said.

“Love Club” is the first song out from Brandon and The Clubs’ upcoming debut EP. More videos, content and music will be released in the coming months, with each song having a unique video and story. 

To learn more, Weideman can be found at @brandonandtheclubs on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and at @BrandonClubs on Twitter.

So, if you don’t fit in and you don’t feel loved, Brandon and The Clubs is sure to remind you to love yourself.

Feature photo courtesy of Mark Reynolds.

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