Swing dance club is a great way to spend your Monday night

Kolby Spomer
A&E Editor

It’s a Monday night, and you decide you “need a break” from that assignment that’s already a week late. You don’t really wanna stay in your room, and all your friends are responsibly doing their homework, so you don’t really know what to do. You start walking around campus, thinking you’ll get some air and maybe see if anything is going on. As you get near the CSU, you see a group of well-dressed kids laughing on their way into the building.

You follow them, be it to see what these goods are up to or out of desperation, you don’t know. As you ascend the stairs behind them, you can hear some really old music playing. It may not be your thing, but it gets you ever the more curious. When you finally get to the top, you see it. A room full of people laughing, dancing, and talking. Everyone looks like they’re having a great time. You decide to go in.

This is roughly what the first night of swing dancing reads like for most people. The Swing Dance club here at MSU is one of the liveliest and most approachable I’ve ever seen. Which is doubly impressive when you consider how ridiculously daunting swing dancing can seem to a beginner. Club president Alex Guerrero knows this, but wants to relieve these newcomers. “Dancing is a very valuable skill to learn, and it’s changed my life immensely.

Also, I wouldn’t even think of this club as a dance club. I’d call it more of a social club where people dance.”

Alex would know, as he’s been involved in the club for a couple years now. People come and go, Alex stating a good “15 or so joining each semester”, but the dancing stays fun the whole time.

Speaking of newer members, future swing dance club leaders Jonas Hart and Brianna Jenson had this to say when asked about the growth of the club. “We started out small, put grew pretty quickly” said Jonas, with Brianna adding “Yeah, I was kinda surprised by how many people were coming.”

When the club has fresh faces like this and fun holiday events like Halloween costume dance, it should be expected. The atmosphere and the people at the club are amazing, and it should be something everyone here tries out at least once.

Header photo by Mansoor Ahmad/MSU Reporter.

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