Senator Spotlight: Emma Gabbert

Bailey Brendel ® Staff Writer |
Photo by Jessica Hagglund ® Staff Photographer

It’s hard to imagine Emma Gabbert having a spare moment for anything.

Gabbert, a junior at Minnesota State University, Mankato majoring in Mass Communication Studies, has a long list of activities.

Let’s add them up:

Student Government, Tours and Speakers Director, public relations for the Student Society of America, writer for Her Campus, player in the Maverick Machine, German club, College Democrats, and Students United. 

One of her most important roles is her seat on the Student Government. Gabbert originally joined to help them with media outreach, but was then convinced to run for a Senator position and for the College of Arts and Humanities. 

“This year is especially important to be involved in Student Government with the massive budget decrease and the new president,” Gabbert said. “It is important to be involved with your school.” 

Sen. Gabbert’s project for the year was to integrate the film and media students into the video production team.

“I thought this would give something for film students to have and experience behind the camera. During COVID-19 it’s so hard to find jobs, especially in video, and that’s where my background is,” Gabbert said. 

Because of these budget cuts, the Student Government is looking into having an unpaid intern for the video crew, rather than a paid position, for the fall.

From being involved in Student Government, Sen. Gabbert has learned many life lessons. 

“Really investing your time into something that’s going to help a lot of people makes a real difference. This experience has taught me that Student Government is not so much about politics, but it’s more so helping people in your position, listening to their concerns and then bringing those up to administrators, and so you’re the voice for your constituents.” 

When asked about what she would tell someone if they might be interested in getting involved with Student Government, she says,” It’s a good way to get your foot in the door at Mankato.”

Gabbert then explained, “I joined to spread my network and to help people. We help each other out, and I would say too you get to know things before they are released to the public which is very helpful when you know when COVID stuff comes out. Also, you have the power to control the budget and where money goes, and that’s important. I would say just dip your toe in the water by doing a few committees first if you don’t want to be a full-on senator, and then if you’re ready come and apply cause it’s one of the best decisions you will make.”

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