Joey Novak chosen as speaker of the 90th Student Government

No less than a week after the inauguration, Senator Joey Novak proudly stood at the front of the fresh-faced Student Government and resigned from their position as senator. 

Novak then raised their right hand into the air at the request of former President of the Student Government Reauna Stiff as they were sworn in as the speaker of the 90th Student Government. 

Novak was elected to be the speaker on April 27 by the Student Government in their first meeting after their inauguration last week. 

The speaker of the senate is charged with the responsibility of bringing a neutral voice and leading each senate meeting in an orderly fashion.

Novak has previously functioned as a senator on the Student Government in the past, working on several projects, including bringing free menstrual products to bathrooms across the campus as well as unlocking residence hall lounges and kitchens.

Despite their accomplishments as a senator, Novak looks forward to taking the role of speaker in order to allow for other senators to be successful. 

“Ultimately, in my mind, the role of the speaker is to uplift the voices of others,” said Novak to the senate during a question and answer section of the election process. 

“I also do a whole host of other jobs on campus,” said Novak, “including community advisor.”

In addition to their time working as a community advisor in the residence halls, Novak also spends time as a delegate to the state legislature. 

The speaker of the senate is responsible for organizing the agenda as well as noting the minutes of each Student Government meeting. 

During the meetings, the speaker is also responsible for guiding the conversation, keeping senators on track and productive. 

They do this by using a set of guidelines called “Robert’s Rules”, which is commonly used for committee and public meetings. 

After being sworn in, Novak immediately took control of the senate, leading the remainder of the meeting. The next Student Government meeting will take place next fall semester.

Header Photo: At the first meeting of the 90th Student Government, Joey Novak takes their seat next to the newly elected President Emma Zellmer to assume the role of speaker of the senate. (Maxwell Mayleben/The Reporter)

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