AMC $3 movie night draws students to the silver screens

If you are like most, the term “poor college student” probably applies to you.

Luckily, the Student Events Team has some relief for you.

The Student Events Team hosted a cheap movie night at AMC Classic Mankato #6 for students to enjoy six movies Feb. 4. Students bought them before the event started. Ticket sales began Jan. 31 and ended Feb. 3 at 5 p.m. 

MSU students and some of the public filled the six theaters in anticipation. 

Stomper Cinema chair Paige Johaneson said she thinks this event is great for students. 

“We’re just trying to get students to watch new releases for a more affordable price in the actual movie theater, so it’s more like a real movie theater experience instead of watching it in our standard Ostrander Auditorium,” said Johaneson.

Of the three theaters in Mankato, they chose AMC out of convenience. 

“We chose AMC just because it’s closer, so it’d be easier for students on campus and would be more convenient for students,” said Johaneson. 

Johaneson wants this to become more of a regular event. 

“We would like it to be more of a set-in-stone thing so we can do it for weekends or when there’s an exciting new release like a new Marvel movie or a new, like, exciting rom-com or something,” said Johaneson. “We will pay attention to the big releases coming up. Next year, there will be Dune 2 coming out or the Barbie movie, so movies like that. Those would be like big movies. I really want to get opening weekends specifically for those, but then any other movie that’s playing in the theater would be included in that.” 

The process of getting AMC to agree to this was not super complicated. 

“We [the Student Events Team] went there a couple of times. We talked with Rodel, the general manager there and set it up with her,” said Johaneson. 

This event was also open to the public. 

“So we got some of the students’ tickets, and we informed them ahead of time. Anyone who wanted to go could still go the day of and see any of the movies they were showing at AMC,” said Johaneson.  “We didn’t take up any specific theaters or showings.” 

The Student Events Team also ended up selling over its ticket goal. 

“The goal is 75 tickets. We set a max of 100 to sell. We ended up selling 83 tickets,” said Johaneson. 

Johaneson hopes that students got a lot out of this event. 

“I hope it brings students to the movies because movies are fun to watch as friends, and if we can make it more affordable,” said Johaneson. 

For more Student Events Team events, go to the MSU website and look up Student Events Team. 

Header Photo: The AMC that put on the $3 Movie Ticket Special is located right off campus, making it easy for students to visit. (Lilly Anderson/The Reporter)

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