The power of the DM

DM, or Direct Message, is a feature that has taken social media platforms to the next level when it comes to making new connections. Just as impactful as a pen to paper or electronic mail, the power of the DM is increasing and we as students realize how powerful this feature is.

Whether you are reaching out to a future employer or trying to get the attention of a love interest, the DM is a feature that allows you to put yourself out there. Entrepreneurs have said that the simple act of a direct message has led to internship opportunities, business deals or simply increasing their network. All it takes are a few words in the act of reaching out. 

We, as students, should take into account the power the DM has and all of the possibilities a simple message can hold. Having the power to connect with anyone in the world at the convenience of our fingertips is something the generation before us must’ve dreamed of.

Opening the door to opportunities, DM’s can also let a friend know you’re thinking about them. Having the ability to DM your friend’s funny internet memes, breaking news clips or photos from an old mutual friend are all ways in connecting with one another. No one person can go on a form of social media and not instantly recognize the DM tab. 

Our society even has a saying such as “sliding into the DMs” meaning that someone usually messaged you as a flirting tactic. When it comes to “sliding into one’s DM” it can go either way. Many who identify with generation z or millennials have met their soulmate through DMing or online dating. In fact, the whole purpose of online dating is striking up conversations with others, making dating apps the new online chat room. Integrating every social media app with some sort of messaging feature has become the norm. 

Even making its way into professional settings many workplaces use an app to communicate and DM specific co-workers. Using this allows for collaboration without giving out your personal phone number and keeps the information exchanged between co-workers relevant to work topics

Regarding schools, many universities currently use Zoom to communicate and hold lectures for their classes. Features like the DM are available in that sense for students to utilize when trying to ask their professor a question or their peers. 

We as students should use the power of the DM to our advantage. We should get more out of our college experience than just the diploma itself. Who knows the doors a simple DM can open?

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