Comfort in doing things alone

On my most recent adventure, I decided to go alone. I drove down to Colorado to spend the day in Fort Collins because I saw that it was supposed to be 50 degrees and I had been craving some warmer weather. I ran errands, went shopping and most importantly spent some much-needed time with myself.

Before moving out to Wyoming, I don’t think I would have gone out on my own the way I have since moving.

I have learned an important thing about myself out here and that is, I find comfort in doing things alone. There have been a wide variety of things that I have done alone, from going to coffee shops and grocery stores to driving an hour for warmer weather.

Finding comfort in being alone was not only a goal for me, it is something I saw as an inevitable outcome of moving away from home. 

Because of my love of exploring — and because there is so much to see — there isn’t always someone to come with me. While my roommate and I do so much together, it surprises me how much I am willing to do alone.

I have discovered a sense of independence in the things that I do. It has been quite refreshing for me. Previously I would have been nervous about going off on my own, but knowing that there is not someone to come with me has somehow made it much easier to ease the tension I used to have inside of myself.

I’ve had the realization that someone won’t always be there when I want to go somewhere, and I’ve let it stop me in the past.

Seeing my personal growth out here has surprised me quite a bit. I have learned more about myself in these past two months than I have in over a year.

Self discovery is important and something I value deeply. Although going somewhere alone used to be daunting, it’s reassuring when I get to do something alone because it actively shows me the growth that I am experiencing. 

The growth from doing something alone is something I’d wished for myself for years; I had become very dependent on others to exist comfortably. 

I very much needed this mental reset. I have learned to be alone and, not only that, be comfortable being alone. 

I am no longer searching for someone to join my adventures because I am now okay with having myself as my companion.

I would love to get to the point where I am comfortable traveling longer distances, but for now, I am content with smaller adventures, such as driving an hour for warmer weather.

Header photo: “I have a new found comfort in doing things alone” Andrea Schoenecker (Photo courtesy of Andrea Schoenecker)

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