Come one, come all; this is why we love fall

It’s that time of year again: the days are getting shorter, the cool weather forces us into sweaters, and the midterms are piling up faster than the falling leaves. To counter these stressors, here are five reminders as to why October is actually the best month of the year.

1. Beautiful scenery

Of all months, October may be the most brightly colored, with orange, yellow, and red leaves around every corner. Take a break from homework and go for a short walk outside, just to enjoy the day. Enjoy walking on the grass, before the snow comes. The fall breeze might refresh and clear your mind, and the vibrant fall colors can provide you with creative inspiration for personal projects or hobbies, such as painting, music, poetry, or drawing. Share these hobbies to provide inspiration for yourself and others to keep pushing through and achieving your dreams, even during the hump of the semester.

2. Pumpkin spice, very nice

‘Tis the season for everything pumpkin spice flavored, from pies and cakes, to lattes, cookies, and even ice cream. On a chilly night, light a pumpkin spice scented candle to provide some much needed aromatherapy to counter the stress of school. Now is the time to decorate your apartment or dorm with festive decorations to help get you into the spirit of fall and brighten up your home away from home. Gourds, pumpkins, leaves, and Indian corn can be used as decorations. Or, take a short break from homework and create your own fall decorations with orange and black construction paper.

3. Cozy cuddling

Yes, it is definitely getting colder outside, but that is only an excuse to cuddle up inside! Take the night off and take a warm shower, change into some sweats, wear fluffy slippers and a robe, and watch a scary or funny movie with friends underneath some blankets and quilts. Take advantage of the longer nights and get to bed early, so you can wake up the next day refreshed with a full night of sleep.

4. Fall fashions

The shorts and tank tops of summer will be missed, as will swimming and tanning in the sun. Yet fall brings with it a new season of trends and fashions, such as plaid shirts, cozy vests, and trendy scarves. Instead of swimming, there are always piles of leaves to jump into and toss into the air, without risk of getting wet or cold. Tossing footballs or Frisbees around are also fun fall traditions.

5. Halloween!

Many would agree that the best thing about October is Halloween. Many people enjoy the “creepy” theme of Halloween, but what makes Halloween so enjoyable is the fun atmosphere and the time spent with friends. Halloween is more than just a time to get scared or prank people, but a time to bond with the community and go out of your normal routine by wearing an outrageous costume. It is the warmth of friendship and love which animates us as the middle of autumn is upon us.

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