To the MSU Reporter alumni, friends and family,

In the season of giving, we are asking for you to remember the memories you shared at the MSU Reporter. The sense of community you felt walking into the office, the collectiveness in late-night production days that just never seemed to end, and the sense of pride you got from seeing the finished product the next morning.

The Reporter is reaching out to its past students and friends for helping hands. It has recently come to a point where the organization will need extra funding to continue its work educating and nurturing students. We want to keep giving students the hands-on experience offered at the Reporter, a kind of experience they could never get while in a classroom.

Any dollar amount in donations will be gladly accepted through the Alumni Foundation or directly to the Reporter’s office. You can send a check or go to our crowdfunding page or call the Alumni Center to donate with a card. Your donation is tax deductible as well.

We also hope for alum to send in a paragraph, along with their name, on what the Reporter has meant for them. We will be publishing these throughout the year. The Reporter will also be publishing a list of our donors in the April 30th issue as a show of thanks for all your support.

If you cannot donate to the Reporter, but know someone who might be able to, please pass this letter on. We hope to reach out to as many Reporter alumni as possible, so that our current and future students can continue pursuing their passions and keep campus media alive.

Please mail checks to:

MSU Reporter
CSU 293
Mankato, MN 56001


MSU Alumni Foundation
AF 224
Mankato, MN 56001

Or pay online by clicking here.

The Reporter staff sincerely thanks you in advance for all your support.


Madison Diemert,
Editor in Chief.

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