The importance of a college education in a degree-seeking world

Why is going to college important? This is the main question every individual should ask themselves upon completing their high school education. Some parents insist, with good reason, that college should be one’s top priority after high school, arguing that having a college degree helps one find a better job, earn a higher income, and build a better future overall. These arguments have strong and valid points, but what if one were to propose achieving all this without having a college degree in hand earned by sitting in a classroom listening to a lecturer?

In my perspective, college is essential to truly figuring out who one is and what one wants to do in life. College presents individuals with various obstacles — none of them simple. However, these challenges are the key to finding out what is really right for everyone as an individual. College gives one the opportunity to fully explore one’s interests, giving oneself an understanding of one’s own strengths and weaknesses.

College should be the main route anyone takes before setting foot into the real and competitive world.

Learning to deal with adversity is another reason why attending college is of vital importance. Many employers expect their employees to be up to the challenge of delegating various duties with minimal supervision. College graduates are usually better equipped to deal with adversity and have better resources to keep them at the top of their game. Jobs are also becoming increasingly competitive, with people boasting different skill sets competing for the same position. Having a college degree gives one an advantage when being considered for a high-paying job.

Financial responsibility is another benefit of going to college, which goes hand in hand with independence. During one’s college career one begins to learn a lot of things about personal finance — some of which do not necessarily come from one’s courses. Earning and properly managing money is a critical aspect of anyone’s future success.

The opportunity to meet people from all over the world is something that most, if not all, colleges afford students. This expands one’s perspective of the world and broadens one’s thinking, creating new multicultural connections, making new friends and perhaps even finding that special someone to call your own. These are all very achievable things one can easily accomplish just by going to college.

Going to college also gives one a fresh start. Sometimes starting fresh by putting away old habits can help one become who they really want to be. College also allows one to get involved in various campus activities, like student government, fraternities, or clubs. College is where an individual can really push themselves to find out where their interests honestly lie.

The personal satisfaction that comes with having accomplished a major life goal, like earning a college degree, is also an outstanding achievement for anyone.

Going to college offers benefits for any person seeking additional knowledge after graduating high school. Knowledge is power, and with power one can do anything — even change the world.

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