Accounting Club about more than numbers and spreadsheets

The Accounting Club at Minnesota State University, Mankato is one of the most active Recognized Student Organizations on campus.

It is one of the only clubs to host accounting recruiters, along with guest speakers at every one of their meeting throughout the academic year.

The Accounting Club meets every Tuesday from 4:50 p.m. to 5:50 p.m. in Morris Hall 103. This key time is convenient as a majority of students have no classes and limited commitments for this specific hour, so attending the meetings and getting to connect with recruiters is a highly constructive way to burn time.

The Accounting Club is open to every student at MNSU, but is keen on getting more students from the College of Business to join as it will prove beneficial for their future.

The club not only has guest speakers and recruiters every week, but also has good food at every meeting which aids in keeping members happy and leaving them informed after each meeting.

Amina Diawara, president of Accouting Club, shows a true passion for her role and always strives to reach greater heights. Diawara is a transfer student and a senior pursuing a degree in Accounting.

“I joined the club because I love to get involved in school activities, making an impact in the community and contributing to the university in other ways apart from academics,” Diawara said.

Diawara stated that when she joined the club, membership was the main challenge and the former president was influential in her running for the main leadership position in the club. Diawara officially took over as president of the club in spring 2017 and, with the help of her executive team, made massive strides to revive the club.

Diawara re-organized the club, making sure that her executive board had a close bond; if they were going to lead the club to excellence, they would need to be a strong and efficient team.

“The club now has an attendance of over 50 students at every meeting and accounting recruiters are overbooked which goes to show that with dedication nothing is impossible,” Diawara said.

The Accounting Club currently uses several ways to reach out to students, including presentations in different classes, an email list which one chooses to be on when they attend their first meeting, social media and other numerous ways. The club offers students a rare opportunity to connect and network with recruiters who always make themselves available during every meeting.

Attending a meeting would be a great way for students, especially those in the College of Business, to build strong foundations before embarking into the business world after college. The Accounting Club also plays a key role in aiding the College of Business with their job fair, “Meet the Firms,” where students can meet employers face to face and get more information on various business firms from all over Minnesota.

Diawara shows great leadership qualities by relentlessly aiming to make the Accounting Club one of the best RSO’s at MNSU. Diawara’s tireless efforts have paid off, but she still intends to do more for the club and make it reach even higher pinnacles. Passion and determination are qualities that will always get one to where they strive to be and the Accounting Club is fine example of what these qualities can help one achieve.

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