Candy corn: Sugary treat or Halloween vomit?

One writer weighs in on the debate if candy corn is delicious or not

Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is talking about costumes, parties, and candy.

There are some pretty wild debates about which Halloween candies are the best and which are the worst. And I think you know which candy I’m talking about. That’s right. Candy corn.

Candy corn is a wildly popular treat around Halloween time. It pops up all over in stores and in homes, the broad yellow end, orange center, and pointed white tip making a very bold appearance.

It also comes in other, various colors. Like green, red, and white. Or brown, orange, and white. It also comes in pumpkin shapes in green and orange. But whatever it looks like, the taste stays the same. Now you might question why someone would write an article about candy corn, but whether it’s good or not is a pretty popular debate.

Candy corn is a “soft candy that basically just tastes like mushy chemical sugar,” said one MNSU student in disgust. “It’s ‘old people’ candy.” She says her mom lives for candy corn and loves the taste and texture.

“The only people that eat it in my house are my mom and my grandparents,” the student further elaborated.

If you’re another one of those people who hates candy corn, you’d probably describe the texture as “off-putting,” and the taste as sugary and somewhat bland. But if you’re like that student’s mom, you probably enjoy the softness and sugary taste of the candy. Another student describes it as, “a sweet, sugary treat.” She says it really gets in her the Halloween spirit and in the mood for some trick-or-treating.

As for me, I’d have to agree with students who detest the candy. It’s bland, the texture is mushy and weird, and it doesn’t even look appealing. I would rather not eat something that looks like Halloween vomited on a tiny triangle. Half the time, I’m not even sure if it’s actually edible.

But as always, if you’re someone who loves candy corn, or someone who doesn’t mind it every once in a while, that’s totally okay. Everyone has their own opinions and tastes. And even though myself and other students don’t like candy corn, it is definitely iconic and well-known. (Honestly, I think it’s more well-known for how bad it tastes, but maybe that’s just me.)

I’d rather not taste candy corn, but seeing it really does put me in a spooky mood and reminds me of Halloween.

One thought on “Candy corn: Sugary treat or Halloween vomit?

  • Tyler L

    Candy corn lacks depth. It was created in a time where lumps of unflavored sugar were considered tasty treats. Now it’s time to move on.


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