RSOs compete in games for prize money at social

The Recognized Student Association Fall Social was held at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Monday, Nov. 13 and was a marvelous occasion.

The event started at 5 p.m. and ran for about two hours. Although the event had some shortcomings, such as the community members who were going to network with the students failing to turn up due to unforeseen circumstances, the RSOs that attended the event were highly enthusiastic and made the most of the night.

The RSO Fall Social was meant to act as a means for RSOs to interact and earn some money by participating in a competition.

The event was informal and started off with a survey completed by the students from the various RSOs in attendance. Overall, there were eight RSOs that attended the event and the atmosphere was quite conducive to intermingle as well as socialize. The snacks offered at the event were also healthy and got the participants active before the competition began. Each RSO brought their A-game to the competition and were all eager to take first place.

There was a total of $350 to be won; first place received $150, while second and third place received $100 each. The game played was Heads Up, where one player holds up a phone up to their forehead and tried to guess what the word was while their teammates gave hints about the word. The RSOs were grouped into teams of two and the teams battled it out, until two emerged as the champions.

The categories were tough and each round proved to be more challenging than the last. Finally, the Student Nurses Association (SNA) rose to the occasion and were crowned champions of the event, with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and United Nations International Relations Organization coming in second and third respectively.

Something special also occurred after the winners were announced. The SNA and EWB decided to split their winnings evenly amongst themselves, which shows what bringing people together can accomplish.

Jessica Lee, the Graduate Advisor for RSO and Student Leadership stated that the event was also meant to be the final forum for interaction between RSOs before Thanksgiving and finals week.

“The Student Activities Department is striving to plan more social events that also have the element of a financial incentives over the course of the academic year,” Lee said. “One of the main aims of hosting the RSO Fall Social off the main campus is to familiarize students with the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship building which is an excellent resource for RSOs.”

During the event, Ashley Strom, the assistant director for non-traditional students, RSOs and student leadership and one of the main facilitators of the event, talked about the building, its dynamic space and its unique structures. The CIE building is truly a magnificent establishment and is conveniently located just past the Verizon Center, not too far from the bus stop downtown at Cherry Street, making it easily accessible to students. The building offers the ideal location if one intends to get away from the hassle and commotion of the main campus for meetings, events or social forums.

Although the turnout for the RSO Fall Social was not colossal, it was a fun event where RSO’s got to network amongst themselves and exchanged big ideas that may turn into great innovations in the future. The surveys collected by the facilitators will without a doubt give good insight for the Student Activities on what visions various RSOs have or how they can assist RSOs to accomplish their goals. The essence of socialization is to bring people together and open up dialogue that could lead to significant development in society and hopefully the RSO Fall Social was able to achieve this.

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