Netflix’s new season of Bojack Horseman is worth a watch

Twists and turns make Bojack Horseman an enticing experience

After watching this episode my mind was shocked, and my brain was blown away for what Bojack Horseman did to his old friend’s daughter.

This episode teaches the audiences about not what do with your friend’s daughter during prom night on a boat. The episode is basically Bojack

Horseman escaping from his toxic life in Los Angeles, California to New Mexico to meet with an old friend who is happily married with a family.

This episode in the beginning doesn’t have foreshadowing, but you need to pay close extra attention to how Bojack behaves with Penny, Charlotte

Moore’s daughter. Both Penny and Charlotte are female deer while Bojack Horsemen is a male horse.

In this episode, there are three main points that made Bojack making his mistake with Charlotte Moore’s family.

The first one is due to Charlotte Moore’s husband. During a practice drive with Penny, Bojack Horseman started to ask weird questions towards Penny.

For example, he asked her if her parents loved each other, which is very odd for Bojack to ask since Penny is a young woman in high school.

But this question was changed when Penny was driving by a man who has a crush on her. This scene was funny and kind of teenager like when Penny was explaining how this man began to have a crush on her.

The second main point is going on a prom night date with Charlotte’s daughter Penny. Bojack wanted to go on a prom night date with Penny for two things. First is to impress the coward and become closer to Penny.

This was the one that shocked me the most because there was a scene where they attached glow sticks with balloons. Then it shows Penny and Bojack

Horseman standing on top of a water tower and they both began to dance which then Bojack Horseman stated that Penny looked like her mother.

This scene was a red flag for me because I thought they were both going to kiss, but it ends up with a couple complaining that their date was blacked out with the drinks that Bojack recommended for them to drink.

Finally, both Penny, Charlotte and Bojack kissed each other secretly. This one is what lead Bojack Horseman to leave her old friend alone.

There are two scenes that made Bojack exposes his desire with Charlotte and Penny. The first one is when both Bojack and Penny got back from the emergency room when Penny’s friend was intoxicated from the drink.

This is where Penny kissed Bojack and wanted to sleep with him in bed.

The good part is that Bojack rejected her offer and ended up with Penny crying back to her room. The next one is when Bojack met up with Charlotte sitting alone on a bonfire pit.

They both began to talk about their past and it leads up with Bojack kissing Charlotte.

Then Charlotte rejected him, and Bojack pressured her into running away with him from New Mexico.

She claimed that her husband is upstairs in her room and worked too hard on finding a perfect man in her life.

In the end, Charlotte was alone sitting in the bonfire pit when a glowing balloon hovered towards her. This is when Charlotte began to follow the balloon to Bojack‘s boat. When she got near it she heard some noises inside the boat and when she went inside the boat.

She found both her daughter and Bojack undressing in bed. Charlotte demanded her daughter to go back in the house and this is where she threatened to call the police on Bojack.

“If you ever try to contact me or my family again, I will fucking kill you!,” Charlotte said to Bojack.

This quote was powerful enough for Bojack Horseman to pack up his stuff and to get out of New Mexico.

I would highly recommend watching the series of “Bojack Horseman” on Netflix. Each episode is about 30 minutes long and an interesting show to watch.

The director is Amy Winfrey and the writers are Raphael Bob-Waksber and Joe Lawson. This episode is in Season 2 episode 11 titled “Escape from L.A.”

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