Game night with Relay for Life

Intense board game mania brings students together to fight against cancer

Karly Kaufman
Staff Writer

Colleges Against Cancer held their annual event, Relay for Life, on Friday, April 13.

Relay for Life is a twelve-hour event that raises money for the American Cancer Society (ACS). It started with one man in 1985 walking 24 hours around a track to raise money for cancer research. He ultimately raised over $27,000 and since then, Relay for Life has taken place annually and is recognized by twenty countries across the world.

Colleges Against Cancer is a recognized student organization that partners with the American Cancer Society to help raise funds and awareness for cancer. President Mikayla McDonough took initiative of the club due to her personal experience with cancer.

“In 2015, I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma,” said McDonough. “Due to my cancer not being very invasive, I was very fortunate with what I had to go through. It put into perspective that other people aren’t as fortunate as I was.”

Once she came to MNSU, McDonough was searching for something to help make a difference.

“Colleges Against Cancer game me that opportunity to give back. It’s really amazing and inspiring that the funds the American Cancer Association raises at MNSU’s Relay for Life helps those right here in our local community,” said McDonough.

This year’s theme was game night, where each team was asked to represent the various board games we’ve come to know and love. MSSA, NRHH, the women’s soccer team, and Circle K were among many teams to participate. With games such as giant Twister, Musical Chairs, and Hungry Hungry Hippo students were able to have fun while simultaneously fighting against cancer. The Blazin’ Wing Challenge, newspaper dress-up, and volleyball were among the returning activities that participants loved.

“I would love to see more people come to Relay for Life: students and faculty alike,” said McDonough.

Relay for Life is an annual event that is always looking for more people to help fight back against cancer.

“Everyone knows someone that has cancer,” McDonough stated, “I want Colleges Against Cancer to be a place that someone can go to for a sense of community.”

Other involvement that Colleges Against Cancer has in the community is putting on Cancer Awareness Games at sporting events and Miracle Minute, where they try to see how much money they can raise in sixty seconds.

“It’s an initiative we do that brings awareness to someone being diagnosed every minute in the United States,” said McDonough.

They have also gone to Rochester to meet with patients, hear their stories, and hang out with them to see where their funds have gone and how they have impacted them.

For students looking to get involved in RSO’s on campus or events in the future, check out Colleges Against Cancer and Relay for Life. Contact Mikayla McDonough for more information.

Photo: (Courtesy of Mikayla McDonough)

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