Dua Lipa: rising to fame and up the charts

Aaron Young
Staff Writer

It was my freshman year of college and I was song exploring on Spotify, then came across a song by an artist I never heard of. Her name was Dua Lipa and the song was “Blow Your Mind.” I listened to it and to this day it will be in my favorite songs. It has the beat, the music video is awesome, and the best reason, the attitude! 

Dua Lipa is a British singer who is Albanian, and she is the complete package: the voice, the looks, stage presence, and as a rising star she is humble. S

he presents herself as a sweet woman who will smile and sign autographs, but if you make her mad, well, let her lyrics speak for themselves. 

“We fight and we argue, you’ll soon love me blind. If we don’t f*** this whole thing up, guaranteed I will blow your mind.” Watch out, she has a sassy side to her and is not afraid to show it.

This song charted at 72, but without a doubt won over me. Before you give her a look, the majority, if not all, her songs are based around love and relationships. However, they are sure to make everyone move their hips. 

She first came onto the scene in 2015, with her debut song “New Love”. It’s definitely a reality-based music video, capturing her daily life and birthday. It’s slower than her newer songs but it showcases her high pitch voice and debuts a talented artist who, whether she knew at the time, was going to be famous. 

Let’s check out the rest of her “arsenal”. Her latest hit, One Kiss, is a discotheque anthem about men falling in love with her after just one kiss. Calvin Harris produced the music and it is a masterpiece.

It’s so good in fact, that for the last month, it has stayed at the top of the global charts! It peaked at #26 on the USA Hot 100 charts and did well globally. 

Her biggest song, however, is called “New Rules.” In this song, she gives a guide for women on moving on from a relationship. At first, she is the victim and her friends protect her from being harmed any further.

Then, she is helping her friend and, in the end, moves on. It took me a while to like it, but by the time it did, she already won over the world. 

New Rules peaked at #6 on the US billboard charts and has over 1 billion views on YouTube. Even though she won over the world, the United States is the hardest country to win over when it comes to music.

She never quit though and finally made it! This song had a run of 49 weeks until Drake’s album came out and its reign ended. 

Another song worth a notice is IDGAF, where she says if you don’t like me now, she doesn’t give a damn! I wouldn’t say it is one of her best songs, but once again it showcases her personality and badass attitude. Give her a look, and I guarantee that she will “Blow Your Mind!”

Feature photo courtesy of Justin Higuchi. (via Flickr)

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