College Life: The five best Christmas songs

Lucas Torborg
A&E Editor

Thanksgiving is over, meaning that no one can ridicule you for listening to a Christmas music. Sure, by mid-December you’ll want to rip your ears out from hearing “Last Christmas” for the 20th time, but at this time of the year Christmas music will put a grin on even the biggest Grinch. In honor of the happiest time of the year, lets rate the best Christmas songs of all time. 

No. 5: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Darlene Love

Possibly the most underrated song on this list, “Christmas”, released in 1963 gets a spot on this list for the extremely powerful vocals by Darlene Love carried by the simple, but resonating chorus. Lyrics such as, “They’re singing Decks, but its not like Christmas at all”, makes the song immensely relatable.

No. 4: “Merry Christmas (War is Over)” by John Lennon/Yoko Ono

Written in 1972 in protest against the Vietnam War, despite the political nature the song has actually aged very well. The strong lyrics, Lennon’s soft yet strong voice, mixed with the Harlem Community Choir makes for a beautiful, heartwarming Christmas song.

No. 3: “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” by Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen’s cover of the 1934 original song uses blues including a hefty amount of brass to create the ultimate Christmas Rock song of all time. Springsteen’s raspy and bellowing vocals makes for an amazing and energetic Christmas song that will make anyone want ot celebrate the holiday season

No. 2: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Frank Sinatra

Originally written in 1944, this is one of the most covered Christmas song for a reason; the simple lyrics and soft melody makes for a deeply sentimental song for any generation. However; it is Frank Sinatra’s bold and heavy voice that really resonates with each listener and makes for a truly uplifting and slightly emotional time everytime that it plays.

No. 1: “White Christmas” by Bing Cosby

First performed on The Bing Cosby Radio Show in 1944 this quintessential Christmas song truly tugs at the heart strings and reminds everyone that the meaning of Christmas is being with the ones you love. This song is the essence of all things christmas, no matter what, this song will put anyone in the Christmas spirit. Released a couple weeks after Pearl Harbor this song was a prominent reminder that no matter what is happening we all deserve a holiday just like the ones we used to know.

Bing Cosby’s smooth voice makes this the first and best version of the song. It’s no wonder that this is the song that started the commercial success of radio Christmas songs – and after all these years it still remains the best.

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