Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” in Minneapolis

Kolby Spomer
Staff Writer

Before last weekend, I’d never been to a concert. I always thought that if I went I’d think it was too loud and that I would just wanna be back at home listening to the album in my room away from all these smelly people. So, when I went to Travis Scott’s concert in Minneapolis, I was sceptical.

If you know anything about him, you’ll also know that this is basically the concert equivalent of learning to ski on Death Mountain. But I’m a big Travis fan, so I figured it wouldn’t be that bad. Man, was I definitely right, as the concert was anything but bad.

The opener’s for Travis were Gunna and Sheck Wes. I was pretty excited to see Sheck Wes, seeing as I’m white and Mo Bamba is a thing. Unfortunately, we were a little late to the opening times, and I missed him entirely.

Gunna was up next, and since I thought his album was trash, I decided to get some merch instead before Travis came on stage. Luckily for me, a lot of people wanted to see Gunna, so I was able to fly through the lines and get a really dope tie dye long sleeve tee.

Once I had taken care of that, I went back to my seat and got to catch the end of Gunna’s performance. And honestly? It was really well done! Gunna used the crowd really well, and his songs sounded so much better live. The whole thing, merch to Gunna, had me really excited for Travis’ performance.

Travis started his part by showing a short video featurette of “Astroworld”, his high strung, outrun inspired, dope psychedelic theme park dreamscape. When the video finished, everyone and their mothers were waiting for him to jump out of the main stage. Instead, Travis sprung out of the B- stage, accompanied by fire and lights.

It was the perfect opening moment to the activities that came next, as Travis performed a great many of his new album, Astroworld. He also took time to visit the Days before Rodeo, the Rodeo, and get some Goosebumps throughout the concert, simultaneously proving he hasn’t forgotten where he came from and giving his older fans like me some nice moments. Speaking of moments, wow.

This concert was honestly maybe one of the coolest things I’ve been to in my life. Travis made even his slower songs stupid crazy lit by upping the bass and production and basically screaming out his lyrics. I know that sounds like it would be bad, and honestly it probably didn’t sound super good, but man it was so cool.

Every song was so cool to see performed live. The highlights for me were when he performed Skeletons, my favorite Astroworld song, or when he started the second half of Stargazing with a giant fire explosion on the bass drop.

Seriously, you need to google it and watch it happen, it is unbelievably cool. Oh and speaking of the fire the stage was so well made! The production here was like something out of a movie set, complete with two working rollercoasters and giant screens playing different videos throughout.

Travis ended with Sicko Mode and when I left the concert, I was yelling because I couldn’t hear anything and I was pretty much covered in sweat. But it was all totally worth it. I cannot express how cool it was to see one of my favorite artists perform live. If Travis’ goal was to create a special night for his fans, he achieved his goal and more. It was truly a magical night in Astroworld.

Photos by Mansoor Ahmad | MSU Reporter.

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