Join the MNSU College Democrats this semester

Joshua Schuetz
Staff Writer

The Minnesota State University, Mankato College Democrats are preparing for an active semester, to say the least.

“We’re planning on having a lot of events this semester,” Emma Fuhrman, the president of the MSU College Democrats, said in correspondence with the Reporter. “For instance, we’re planning some political documentary viewing nights, book readings, writing and calling our elected officials.”

The organization is open to all who support the values of the US Democratic party and its Minnesota wing, the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party. According to the organization’s constitution, some of its goals include the provision of a learning environment in which issues and policies can be discussed, as well as to assist in the election of Democratic candidates. The first one on the list, though, is perhaps the most important, reading, “to provide a forum for students who share democratic values with others in the college community”.

Given the results of the midterm election, at least in the House of Representatives, it would appear that the latter goal has been fulfilled pretty well, at least for the 2018 election cycle.

Fuhrman said that the organization’s priorities moving forward are growth and an eye to the upcoming presidential election in 2020. “The priorities right now are to continue to grow a large number of College Democrats. Additionally, we will be learning more about potential candidates for the Democratic Party,” she said.

Growth is important for any RSO, especially one involved in politics. Members are not all political science or social science majors either. “We are getting a lot of membership from many different academic disciplines, including social work, engineering, and graphic design.” Fuhrman said.

Central to Fuhrman’s vision for the College Democrats as an organization is interactions with other RSOs, as well as more involvement in the community at large. “My vision for this semester is primarily to foster the relationships not only in our organization but also in the community.”

To fulfill that vision College Democrats are also planning on coordinating and collaborating with other RSOs throughout the semester, including the Council of Social Activists and the Secular Student Organization.

Off campus, the organization will engage in partnerships with various political groups throughout the community including “Stand Up Minnesota, South Central” and “Indivisible”, to name a few.

The College Democrats will host weekly meetings at 8 p.m., in the CSU, Room 202. The meetings will be held on Mondays. The first meeting is on January 28 and anyone who is interested in joining may attend a meeting.

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