Multicultural Fashion Show represents diversity on campus

From drag to Greek life, to a vast background of cultural fashion

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

The Student Events Team at Minnesota State University, Mankato hosted their annual Multicultural Fashion Show with new special elements and a drag show Tuesday.  

The vice president of the Native American Student Association, Mallory Glynn, was the MC for the night as she wore her own special Native American attire.  

Walking the runway, there were fashion models representing a vast array of countries, from Ivory Coast, Nepal, Nigeria, Morocco, India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Somalia, Uganda, Japan, Ghana, and United States.  

Arnavee Maltare, the Business Manager of the Student Events Team said, “I loved the clothes the models had on tonight, especially Ivory Coast. I really liked it!”  

Each model had a little story to go with their cultural clothing, with several of them wearing traditional ceremonial clothes for weddings. Some models, however, strolled down the runway with everyday clothes from their country. 

Marie Cato, one of the models walking the runway representing Morocco said, “My favorite part was getting to walk. Walking the runway was so fun, I loved it.” 

A new element in this year’s fashion show was the addition of American culture shown through Greek life on campus and drag queens.  

Lydia Jagodzinski, the Speakers and Entertainment Chair for the Student Events Team, said, “I just think drag was such a cool element of the show. I think it’s a part of American culture that I don’t think people realize and it’s becoming more normalized because of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I also think having Greek life was a cool, added bonus to the show, but of course all of the international students modeling their home attire was super awesome!”  

Ending the show were performances from drag queens KC Jae and Luna Muse. Jae did a stunning performance with an outfit reveal and stunning looks. Muse tore up the runway with her lip sync performance of “Kitty Girls” by RuPaul.  

Many were impressed with the drag show claiming it as the “best part of the night.”  

Nidia Mariscal, a student on campus, said, “I really loved the drag show. I’ve never been to one before. So when I saw the performance at the end. I was like, ‘Wow!’”  

The Multicultural Fashion Show was a success as it brought a diverse set of countries as well as a unique take on American culture onto the runway.  

In the words of drag queens all over the world, the show was “sickening!”

Feature photo by Maria Ly | MSU Reporter.

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