Hockey presents MacNaughton Cup at Verizon Center

Team came home to Mankato Tuesday to present the trophy to their fans

Andrew Neururer
Staff Writer

The Minnesota State Mavericks men’s hockey team came home Tuesday night to present the MacNaughton Cup at the Verizon Center. 

Despite splitting the series against Alaska Fairbanks this last weekend, the Mavericks were able to clinch the cup after winning 6-1 on Friday, Feb. 22. The Mavericks won the overall season series versus the Nanooks 3-1.

The celebration was open to the public where it drew a decent sized crowd. The doors opened at 5:30 p.m. and fans were greeted with food and refreshments. The MacNaughton Cup was held on display in the waiting area where fans were able to take pictures with the trophy.

The ceremony began around 6 p.m. and lasted about a half hour. 

Paul Allen, Richard Davenport, upon others spoke to the crowd on Tuesday night, along with the team’s player captains were some of the speakers Tuesday night. All speakers addressed the success comes from the fans at the Verizon Center, in part because they are 14-1 on the season when they play in Mankato. 

The public event ended with fans being able to meet, talk and receive autographs with the players. The main topic that continued to come up throughout the night was the idea that the team still has unfinished business – winning the National Title.

The public event ended with fans being able to meet, talk and get autographs with the players. 

Winning the Cup was impressive, but it also helps boost the publicity of the University and the hockey team.

Davenport, President of the University said, “What it does, more than anything, it raises our hockey program nationally. The national scene and our university, which as far as I’m concerned, [is] really important to showcase our institution.”

Davenport noted that the hockey team are ambassadors for the University, finishing by saying, “We’re very much proud of them, the community is too.”

Kevin Buisman, the Director of Athletics for MSU, also had high praise for the hockey team’s success, “We’re incredibly proud of the team. You know, they’ve had a lot of success and it would be easy to take it for granted, but it’s a difficult trophy to win.”

This was the men’s hockey teams’ fourth MacNaughton Cup victory in the last five seasons.

The team’s focus is winning the Jeff Saure cup, the WCHA conference tournament and of course taking home the National Title. 

The fourth ranked team in men’s D1 hockey will be facing Bemidji State at home this weekend, concluding the regular season.

Feature photo by Maria Ly | MSU Reporter.

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