How substance abuse should be approached in universities

Oluwatomike Bali
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Starting out college can be really overwhelming for students, which is why college students “are twice more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than those who don’t attend college.” Asides from the numbing effects of substances, students are forced to use drugs and alcohol as a socializing factor. They drink and use drugs for fun which eventually leads to an addiction for most people.

Why drugs? Majority of those who use substances listed peer pressure as a factor. A lot of college students are pressured to feel among, drug and alcohol is seen as a socializing factor

A fair amount of students claimed stress and anxiety as one of the reasons for substance abuse, having a lot of school work to do, jobs and exams can be really stressful. Students turn to drugs as a numbing factor and a way to cope.

Some common forms of substances that are abused in colleges are alcohol, marijuana, and Adderall, among others

The key factor to handle drug substance use on college campuses is through prevention strategies, and some of them are mentioned below.

Policy and enforcement: Making policies and enforcing them with consequences is an effective way to prevent drug use on campus. The school and administration should be responsible for enforcing policies.

Education: Students should be continuously educated on the negative effect of abusing drugs on their health. Educating them on other positive ways to cope with stress and college life. Equipping students with information’s can limit the use of substances.

Accessibility: Limiting access to bars and liquor stores can be effective at reducing alcohol usage. Limited proximity to campus and lesser display or advertising of alcoholic products on campus

Also, providing adequate counselling opportunities that allows students to talk their problems out instead of turning to drugs.

The consequences of substance abuse and addiction has more negative impacts on the lives and future of an addict. Therefore, it is important to put measures in place.

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