MNSU queer community comes out to dance

Queer Prom glows bright with all the colors of the rainbow

Hellen Akinyi
Staff Writer

Over the weekend, several Recognized Student Organizations at Minnesota State Univeristy, Mankato held the “Queer Prom” event for the queer community. 

The event was organized by Sexuality and Gender Equality (SAGE), Black Legendary and Queer (BLAQ) and Black Motivated Women (BMW).

Molly Gruszyski, a worker in the Women’s Center, who also identifies as part of the community, said, “It was well structured, and the space provided was more than enough. They really outdid themselves.”

Queer Prom was organized just so the queer community could have a night to celebrate and be themselves, especially those who are still in the closet. 

The room was able to provide a safe space for anyone and everyone and it was diverse, especially with the flags of the irrespective people on the community. 

The center piece wasn’t special but it was attractive nonetheless. The room was glowing with rainbows in all angles.

“I felt safe and comfortable being in the room,” added Molly. “I loved how diverse it was and it was a special night for me since I didn’t get to go to prom in high school and this was like officially my first prom. It felt really good.”

The night was very eventful. The mini-food tables at the back, a spoken word performance and everyone dressing up added to the festivities. Some came fancy while others came as who they identified with, and a special performance from drag queen Luna Muse graced the stage. 

“Luna Muse!” Molly excitedly stated with a giggle when asked what her favorite moment of the night was.

As much as the night was made for the queer community, even those who were not part of the community showed up, some with their dates and most with their friends, just to show love and support.

To say the night was perfect would definitely be an understatement. “Best dressed”, “Best dancer” and “Loudest pride” were the top three award categories of the night. 

“I can’t win them all,” said Muse, in a sassy, yet confident way. She didn’t win the awards because she was hosting the event.

A photo booth was probably the tip of the iceberg, glowing in all shades of color right at the front while the dance floor was at the back with the DJ who definitely showed out.

Many left feeling overwhelmed with so much joy, holding hands with their dates and friends and hoping to have the event again next year.

Header photo: Molly Gruszynski and Lyric Lopez during the Queer Prom event at the Centennial Student Union Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019 in Mankato, Minn. (Samuel Oluwadoromi/MSU Reporter)

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