A new year, a new decade for the Mavericks

Madison Diemert
Editor in Chief

Welcome back, Mavs. It’s a new semester, a new year and an entirely new decade. Over the past semester, Minnesota State University, Mankato has accomplished many things.

The University built and inflated MNSU’s new sports bubble, our football team reached the national championship game, we brought tailgating back to campus and the Timberwolves even returned to MNSU after a few years.

Outside of the sports world, Queer Prom made a comeback, Student Government’s food drive was incredibly successful, Dr. Brenda Flannery was reinstated as Dean of the College of Business and we were even been paid visits from Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan.

So much has been achieved by MNSU and there is much more in store for the university. The beginning of the new year always feels like a fresh start and a chance to be better and greater than before. MNSU has the potential to keep improving and moving forward. Not only has the University been successful, but its students have been as well.

Maverick football’s Alex Goettl was a finalist to win the William V. Campbell award, sophomore Jenny Vetter scored 10 game winning goals in women’s soccer and Shane Zylstra became MNSU’s all-time leader in touchdowns and receiving yards. MNSU’s students have always gone above and beyond.

This year there will be an entirely new set of students at MNSU who will break records, create, inspire others and become better versions of themselves. It’s a new year, a new decade and a new beginning for the university and its students. We accomplished much in the semester of 2019, and this semester is just the start of a long legacy for MNSU.

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