What shows are students currently watching

Every student needs a comfort show, something to watch when they have had a long, stressful day, or even a good day that needs a chilled out ending. Minnesota State University, Mankato students have a variety of suggestions and shows that they are loving right now.

Anna Hansan suggested cult-followed show “American Horror Story”. “I really like the cast,” said Hansan.

“American Horror Story” is an anthology horror television show with each season being a self-contained miniseries. Many of the cast members remain the same while they play a new character each season. 

Zoe Coates is currently watching, “Criminal Minds right now, because of Spencer Reid.” This show revolves around an American crime drama that premiered in 2005 and ran for 15 years. It can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

Senior, Becca Stark, has recently found a love for “Big Brother Australia”.

“I had seen a bunch of Facebook videos about it, and it looked really cool. I’m really enjoying it so far.”

“Big Brother” is a show where people live together, isolated from the outside world, to compete for a cash prize. The Australian version requires a VPN to watch, but the American version can be found on Paramount+.

“I am really enjoying Q-Force on Netflix right now,” said MNSU sophomore, Chase Belka. “It is really funny and entertaining.” 

“Q-Force” is a Netflix original animated adult comedy about a group of scrappy underdog LGBTQ+ spies that premiered its first 10 episodes earlier this month.

 When asked about her current favorite show, Grace Zimmerman simply said, “Schitt’s Creek- eeeeew Daviiiiiiid.” “Schitt’s Creek” is a sitcom about a wealthy couple who suddenly find themselves broke and living in a town they bought as a joke. The show can be found on both Netflix and Hulu.

Junior Caitlyn Loya is working her way through “New Girl” at the moment, and recommends it to people looking for a comedy. “It is super funny, and a show I always come back to.” This sitcom focused on four roommates and their shenanigans, and it can be found on Hulu.

“The Office is the show I go back to when I want to watch some TV,” said Imran Ali when asked about his comfort show. “The Office”, a sitcom about life in an office, can be found on Peacock.

Junior Matthew Trenne is currently enjoying “Brooklyn 99” on Hulu. “I enjoy how it is light hearted while still sometimes addressing tough subjects,” He stated. The American police comedy finished it’s 8th and final season this month.

Katelyn Perkins said that she is working her way through “Switched at Birth”. “I’m learning ASL right now and finding it very helpful.” The drama, which focuses around two teens who were switched in the hospital as infants, can be found on Amazon Prime Video.

“I’m really liking ‘The Circle’ it’s funny watching the people’s strategies in the games,” said Kaleb Howze. The reality game show is similar to “Big Brother”. The biggest difference is that players do not interact face-to-face; they communicate strictly through social media. All three seasons of the show can be found on Netflix.

With a variety of choices, there should be no issue finding a good comfort show this fall season.

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