The 90th Student Government holds their first official meeting of the new school year

The 90th Student Government held their first official meeting of the academic year yesterday as they gave a crash course to new and returning senators as well as discuss how to best serve Minnesota State University, Mankato students. 

Speaker Joey Novak opened up the meeting by giving a “How to Senate” presentation that discussed the procedure of meetings, stated what Robert’s Rules are and other frequently used motions.

Other topics presented were the dress codes, etiquette at meetings and how the agendas are formatted.

In the meeting they held an open forum where anyone in the gallery was allowed to speak. Some who spoke gave introductions, while others welcomed the new senators and gave words of encouragement. 

Other faculty and student leaders voiced projects they’ve been working on over the summer.

David Cowan, who is on the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee, and Facilities Services Director at MSU, shared an update regarding the expansion of the free parking lot which previously was only available in lot 23.

“We included several hundred additional stalls to the free lot in lot 22,” said Cowan. Those who wish to utilize lot 22 and 23 must register their car through the MSU parking portal. Lot 22 South will be available for students to park in for free until November 1.

Officer reports then were made by President Emma Zellmer, Vice President Idman Ibrahim and Speaker Novak.

The meeting concluded with President Zellmer encouraging senators who were interested to get involved in Student United, a non-profit organization that is operated by students from the seven Minnesota state universities.

“One of our main goals is to get students involved on campus, lead the charge with student government as well as make sure student leaders feel connected to us. We all work together, the student government aren’t the only student leaders on campus,” said Zellmer. “Being able to work with other groups such as Student Events Team, student athletes and Fraternity & Sorority life to make sure our campus is very inclusive especially as we see students are back on campus.”

Vice President Ibrahim agreed with Zellmer that inclusion and equity are important. “Creating more diversity & inclusion events and listening to other groups’ concerns is a goal of mine this year,” Ibrahim said.

Next week those who wish to fill vacancies are allowed to do so starting Aug. 3, except for the off-campus senator position which will open Sept. 7.

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Header Photo: Vice President Ibrahim (left), Speaker Novak, President Zellmer and Senator Douglas Roberts at the first Student Government meeting of the 2022 school year. (Dylan Engel/The Reporter)

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