Sister Cindy makes her annual visit to MSU

Christian evangelist and social media sensation Cindy Smock, better known as “Sister Cindy,” and colleagues made their annual visit to Minnesota State University, Mankato Tuesday to preach controversial messages about the Bible.

Affiliated with The Campus Ministry USA, Sister Cindy’s presence attracted hundreds of students with her Christianity-based outlandish phrases and claims. 

She gets attention wherever she goes.

“Today I will be slut shaming and calling out the hoes, but as you know, I am not the ultimate judge. Jesus Christ is the ultimate judge and he is going to judge according to what is written in [The Bible],” Smock said. “Hell is hot, don’t be a T.H.O.T.”

What she called “The Ho No Mo Revolution,” the 64-year-old covered various topics which mostly revolved around sex and the value of abstinence until marriage.

“This is what the bible says about the beautiful hoes. A beautiful ho is like a gold ring in the nose of a pig,” Smock said. “A bible verse a day keeps the hoes away.”

Admitting she used to be far from pious, she shared her own experience. 

“I used to be a low low ho back in the 70s where we were the peak of the sex revolution,” Smock said. “Then I found Jesus.”

Sister Cindy aims to get anyone and everyone to listen to her message using inflammatory language.

“She goes out to all these universities and gets attention. That is what she is seeking, and it obviously works because we have such a big crowd here,” said MSU sophomore Jenna Moseng. “She has a very extremist view on the Bible and says that certain things in the Bible are sinful actions.”

Spreading like wildfire, a crowd gathered on the lawn just minutes after Sister Cindy’s arrival.

“YikYak told me she was coming and I heard she is a crazy lunatic so I wanted to come out and see what she is about,” freshman Andrew Stewart said.

Getting a vocal reaction from the crowd, her statements about what is sinful had students talking.

“I think she is saying some valid stuff. I think it’s a little excessive but that is just how she is. She’s in the home of the Kato Clap and Mav Rash, so I don’t think what she is preaching is working,” freshman Ahmed Hassan said.

According to Southern Minnesota News, ​​Blue Earth County ranked #1 in the state for chlamydia based on a study published in August 2020.

Her late husband, Jed Smock (Brother Jed,) usually partnered with her on her tours around the U.S. However, he passed away in June. They were married 39 years.

Sister Cindy appeared at the University of Minnesota on Monday. Wednesday, they visited St. Cloud State University.

Header Photo: TikTok sensation Sister Cindy stopped by Minnesota State University, Mankato on Tuesday to spread controversial messages about the Bible during her ‘Ho No Mo’ revolution. (Lilly Anderson/The Reporter)

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