Letter to the Editor: Reader supports Scholar Serving Time program

Dear editor:

My name is Safara Shortman and I am currently a part of the Scholars Serving Time program through Minnesota State University, Mankato.

I was an addict and a dropout at age 15. I found my way to prison at age 30, leaving my three kids without a mother. I am now 35, a year away from having my AA (Associate of Arts) and NPL (Non-Profit Leadership) certificates. The feeling of accomplishment, determination, and hope I feel are a blessing. I do not fear for the future. I have embraced my sobriety, my religion, my education, and my life. And because of this I am grateful and just want to say thank you!! You have helped give me my life back and most important, you helped give my children a better mother. I just genuinely wanted to say thank you and God Bless!!


Safara Shortman

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