Huskies lineup devastates Mavs on the mat

Once again, Minnesota State is unable to solve the puzzle known as Saint Cloud State, getting dominated by the number five team in the conference 40-0. This marks the Mavs fourteenth straight loss to SCSU and the first time that MSU did not score a single point against them. 

Following the loss, Head Coach, Jim Makovsky, thought it was a great learning experience for the less experienced guys. It allows them to know what it is like to go up against one of the best teams in the state.

“To win, you need to perform at your highest level. We had seven guys who have not been in the lineup throughout their careers and Saint Clouds has a much older team. Our technical and management flaws got exposed and that’s what we want. So now they know what it’s like to go up against a top team and what level we need them to be at,” said Makovsky.

Starting at the 165 Ibs, freshman, Kole Marko, lost a unanimous decision to give the Huskies a 3-0 lead. It was followed by the number one ranked 174 Ibs, senior, Abner Romano, defeating MSU junior, Mike Smith, to give them a 9-0 lead.

The aggression from the Huskies continued as none of the other members of the Mavs could spark momentum. Nic Leo would lose the decision to sophomore Bryce Fitzpatrick, which was followed by senior, Max Villnow, being pinned by number ten 194 Ibs junior, Dominic Murphy. This gave the Huskies a lead of 16-0 going into the heavyweight matchup.

MSU senior, Darrell Mason, fell  to the Huskies’ own Elijah Novak. Now with a score of 19-0 in favor of SCSU, it felt like the dagger to seal the match for the Mavs. Paxton Creese won via forfeit and was followed by sophomore, Isiah Mlsna, senior, Brock Luthens, and freshman, Caeleb Meunier, all losing by decision. Giving the Huskies a 34-0 lead entering the final match and half the Huskie fans creeping toward the exit.

The final match was a 157 bout between MSU sophomore, Drake Hayward, and SCSU sophomore, Nick Novak. Like a majority of the afternoon’s matches, it ended in a loss for the Mavs after Novak pinned Hayward to complete the shutout for the Huskies. Coach Makhovsky following the game mentioned they have a lot to work on.

“Same as usual in what we need to work on. Every guy is different and there are some team things. Right now, we are playing checkers when we need to be playing chess,” said Makovsky.

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Header photo: The MSU Wrestling team fell short this weekend against St. Cloud State with a 40-0 loss Saturday, Jan. 21.  (Dylan Engel)

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