RSO Fair promotes clubs on campus

Joining a Recognized Student Organization is an excellent way for students to be involved in the community on campus. Therefore, the Centennial Student Union held a two-day event for students to learn more about these clubs and find one that is right for them. This event took place Jan. 23 and Jan. 24 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

One of the clubs that had a booth was the Geology Club. The Secretary for the club, Kayla Szafraniec, is in charge of taking meeting notes. 

“I take meeting notes and make sure that I’m gathering information and then distributing that information to all the people who are interested or need to get this information. So I just manage and update the shared folder,” said Szafraniec. “I pretty much just send a lot of emails to the members.” 

The Geology Club is for all students. 

“People should join the geology club if they’re interested in geology or rocks. I also think that everybody that is a geology major should be in the geology club because we have a lot of career resources that get emailed out in our chain emails, or we have meetings about it,” said Szafraniec. “You’re building a community with other people who enjoy the same stuff.” 

They have meetings every other Tuesday at 4 p.m. in Ford Hall, room 132. Their next meeting will be Jan. 31. 

“So we had a private collection donated to our department, so we have lots of stuff for students to look at and explore. So at our next meeting, people will get a tour of the geology department, rock and mineral collection,” said Szafraniec. “Our next one is job and career opportunities, and then our last three are more fun building that community. We have Jeopardy rock climbing and a potluck.” 

There is no requirement to be a part of this club. 

“We are a new group, and we want to build that community, so right now, we’re just trying to get people to show up and build our numbers,” said Szafraniec. “If you are interested in it and attend meetings, you’re a member. You don’t need anything else is required outside of that. It is also a very minimal time commitment.” 

Szafraniec enjoys being in this club and thinks students with some interest should join. 

“The best part about being in the geology club is being able to talk about what you’re passionate about to an audience that also shares a similar interest and, you know, can relate and understand it on a deeper level,” said Szafraniec. “You get opportunities to do things outside the geology club with people with similar interests. We have things we’re planning on, like going off-track hunting or fossil hunting together, you know, outside our clubs.” 

For more information about joining, visit the MSU website and look up Geology Club. 

Some other RSOs that students could join at the event were the Archeology Club, the Maverick Machine and many more. 

Students can visit the MSU website and look up RSOs for more information on the different clubs on campus. 

Header Photo: The Recognized Student Organization, or RSO, held a two-day event showcasing many of the different clubs and communities students could potentially join. The geology club is a sure bet to rock your world. (Lilly Anderson/The Reporter)

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