Performing series continues with Sarah Morris 

Sarah Morris, whose Feb. 28 concert on campus was canceled due to COVID,  will perform tonight in the Ellas J. Halling Recital Hall in the Earley Center for Performing Arts. 

Morris said she is excited to be coming and performing at MSU. She has performed here in the past. 

“I came down to MSU with Molly Maher and Eric Koskinen for a songwriter round back in October,” said Morris. “Dale Haefner asked if I would come down with my own band, which is really kind of him, and I said yes.” 

Morris originally wanted to be a music teacher when she was in school. However, after some time there, she realized performing was what she wanted to do. 

“I have always loved singing. When I was younger, I signed up for dance, and then choir and theater, and anything I could do in that realm. I went to college thinking maybe I wanted to be a music teacher, but also that I wanted to keep performing,” said Morris. “Eventually, I realized that with teaching, I didn’t get to perform very much. So performing kind of won out, and I just kept following that thread throughout my life.”

Morris described her music style as a singer-songwriter. Her life, in general, inspires her. 

“I’m a mom, and a wife and human. So I feel like that’s where I get all my inspiration. I’m passionate about being outside. So that’s something that’s inspiring to me,” said Morris. “I belong to a songwriting group, and I find it inspiring watching other people devote themselves to their craft. That’s something that keeps me going.” 

Many students have to attend this concert to fill requirements for their major, but Morris hopes anyone who goes gets a lot out of her performance. 

“Anyone that has to be there, I hope they end up having more fun than they thought they would,” said Morris. “My favorite thing is writing songs, so if anyone else is really passionate about writing songs, I hope they hear something that makes them think or feel something.” 

She hopes to get a lot out of the performance as well. 

“I’m super excited to bring down the full band. I don’t get to play with a full band in a theater setting as often as I would like, and I’m bringing down Haley Rydell out to be part of the band. She’s a violinist and a singer, and she’s amazing,” said Morris. “I also hope to connect with people I haven’t met before. I hope that somebody in the audience may hear something they needed to hear for their heart and that maybe I can say hi after the show.” 

The show is free for MSU students and $10 for general admission. Head to the MSU website and click the events tab for more information.

Header Photo: Sarah Morris (above) has performed in music festivals all over the country, from Minnesota to Texas. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Morris and The Sometimes Guys)

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