OPINION: Halloween costume predictions

Spooky season is here. The days are getting colder, darker, and the ghosts are practicing their haunting skills for Halloween night. We humans, on the other hand, are pondering what costumes to wear. 

So much has happened since Halloween of 2022. A year ago we were seeing a lot of characters from “Top Gun,” “Toy Story,” “Squid Games” and the classic Scooby Doo. 

This year brings new, dramatic costumes; some predictable, some not. The following list presents my own personal predictions for the most popular costumes you’ll see running around Halloween night, or maybe this list will inspire you to go with the crowd and claim one of these costumes as your own. 


Barbie Land is going to overpopulate the Earth Oct. 31, and there is nothing we can do about it. Women of all ages are going to dress as gorgeous Barbie dolls, accompanied by their very own Kens. The Barbie costume is applicable to groups, duos, couples, families, and individuals; sealing the deal as the most popular costume of 2023.

Wednesday Adams 

With the first season of the Netflix hit series, “Wednesday,” coming out November 2022, I can predict to see the edgy icon Wednesday Adams dancing around on Halloween night. I’m going to ignore putting this on the list because I might wear this costume. 

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

She was a famous singer. He was a football star. We’ve heard this love story before, and seeing the blossoming romance between the two is bound to inspire a couple’s costume. In the past year Taylor Swift has become one of the world’s biggest sensations, and Travis seems like he is probably good at playing football. Together, they make a wholesome couple and costume for this year. 

Mario and friends

With its first movie in the books, Mario’s crew is sure to make a debut this year. Princess Peach, Bowser, Luigi, Koopa Troopa and the rest are packing into their karts and cruising onto the streets in search of power ups, or candy. 


The Netflix Historical English romance series “Bridgerton,” features characters with big hair, corsets, elegant gowns, and British accents – all of which I believe will be portrayed this holiday. The British accent, of course, is part of the costume and is essential to deliver a perfect execution. 

Elvis Presley

Not only am I predicting men to dress as the infamous Elvis, I predict a lot of children and babies will pose as the King of Rock and Roll. Austin Butler’s role as Elvis during the recent film gave the spunk to inspire a great costume for this year. 


If I happen to get any or all of these predictions incorrect, I want to provide a safety net to save myself from embarrassment. Since ghosts are always a popular costume every year, I’m sure 2023 is no exception. 

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