A spooktacular cinematic evening

Minnesota State’s Anime Club hosted a Halloween Movie Night in the Centennial Student Union Southwest Ballroom Tuesday that included the showing of a movie,a “Super Smash Bros.” tournament, Jackbox Games and a costume contest. 

Anime Club President Robert Tongola said the team felt the club needed more publicity so more students would be aware of it. 

“This last year we have been trying to give the Anime Club a bit of a boost,” said Tongola. “I feel like a lot of people didn’t know about it so we are trying to put on more events and enjoy the company of people who are interested in the same hobby. This is one of the bigger events that we are hosting for dressing up and enjoying spooky season.”

Tongola said the club used more than one room for the setup in order to allow the event to be more spacious and have a separation of activities. 

“We were able to secure the South Ballroom and CSU 203 to give it a convention effect,” Tongola said. “In the ballroom we had the movie and some discussion around the movie, and then in 203 we made it a game room for ‘Super Smash Bros.’ and Jackbox. It seems to be going well. We have really good attendance and it seems like people are having a fun time.”

He also said the Asian Gaming Association was hosting an event alongside the Anime Club’s event.

“We also have a sister event with AGA and they have a ‘Super Smash Bros.’ tournament happening in the Multicultural Center, so we are collaborating with other groups as well,” he said. 

The Secretary of the Anime Club, Mikayla Waskul, said she supports the idea of the event and the fun that students have while attending it. 

“The event is a fun thing that people can do to celebrate Halloween,” she said. “It’s fun to dress up, be silly and indulge that inner child. There are not a lot of places on campus that do that and instead take a more educational or realistic approach.”

Waskul also said the hard work of the team behind the event eventually paid off.  

“We have tried to do events like this in the past and they have not been this successful,” she said. “It makes me happy that the club has grown to this extent and a lot of people are partaking in what we are doing. It warms my heart.”

For those interested, the MNSU Anime Club hosts meetings from 4-6 p.m. in the Clinical Science Building in room 212.

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Header Photo: The Anime Club and Asian Gaming Association  at Minnesota State hosted a Halloween movie night in the CSU Ballroom Tuesday, featuring a Super Smash Bros tournament, Jackbox games, and a costume contest to wrap it up. (Dylan Grubb/The Reporter)

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