What your favorite Thanksgiving dish says about you

The biggest feast of the year is upon us in just under a week and families everywhere will be crowding around the table. The buffets are stocked with warm, comforting dishes where everyone will heap their plates full of flavors. Based on what you grab a little extra of, here’s what your favorite dish says about your personality: 

Turkey– This holiday classic is extremely versatile which is just like your personality! Right out of the oven, grill or smoker, you’re the life of the party. However, you don’t mind being chill just like the leftover turkey which makes a great sandwich. Everyone enjoys your versatility because you can adapt to any situation. 

Mashed potatoes and gravy– You have a warm and comforting personality. People turn to you when times get tough and you know what to say to make someone feel better. Anyone is lucky to know you and everyone is grateful for your presence. 

Cranberry sauce– You’re eclectic, but not for everyone. You can get a bit tart at times and your zestiness can overwhelm others. Sometimes people don’t get you or understand the hype.

However, those who enjoy you simply can’t get enough of you. Never change who you are!

Pumpkin pie– You are festive, fun and love everything about the holidays! You aim to put everyone in a good mood and you’re not afraid of letting your loved ones know how much you love them. If there’s a good time involved, you are the last one to leave and never want the party to stop!

Stuffing– You know that what’s on the inside (of the turkey) matters. You look for the good in others and can be considered a people-pleaser. You enjoy having those deep conversations to really get to know someone and couldn’t care less about small talk. You also enjoy pushing your boundaries to see what you’re capable of.  

Green bean casserole– You enjoy spending time with your family. This Midwest staple comes from years of tradition and you like to maintain those traditions year after year. You can likely be found watching the Macy’s parade and football games and spending time with your loved ones (even if they tend to drive you a bit crazy). 

Mac and cheese– You’re an all-around good person, but you have a bit of a childish side to you. While this might taste extra special today, this can be enjoyed any time of year. There’s nothing wrong with letting your playful side out, but it can be hard for others to take you seriously. 
Rolls– Really? Out of all the dishes you could have picked to enjoy, most of them only made this one day a year, and you chose bread? The most common carb there is? If people tend to say you suck the fun out of everything, you’re just like the roll that sops up everything at the end of the meal. You’re extremely basic, sorry not sorry.

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