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The MAV Food Court was bustling with tables, coffee and recruiters. Areas were scattered with prospects, students eagerly making inquiries concerning international travel and studies. Plans are individual in nature and based on each student’s needs or interests.

 Minnesota State’s Center For Global Engagement held its annual Abroad or Away fair on Tuesday. If you are a theology major who has always wanted to visit the Vatican, or just want to visit another country to learn a new language, many options lie ahead to explore.

University Studies Abroad Consortium, a participating nonprofit, hosted one of the tables, A USAC rep said,

“Students could benefit from the exposure to more cultures,” a USAC rep said. ”Studying overseas can prepare students for future employment, looks favorable to future employers and can possibly make more opportunities available  later on.”

The USAC has been a nonprofit since 1982 and provides students with opportunities to live and learn in countries around the globe. They provide more than 50 study abroad programs in 26 countries.

(For more information on USAC programs contact or visit

Alex Halvorson was also in attendance representing ISA WorldStrides. According to Halvorson, “Students have many great reasons to choose international studies. See the world.  Expose yourself to other cultures. It builds your resume.”

Halvorson also states that “ISA has amazing program managers who will be there with you, walking you through the whole process. Teams assist with picking  students up as soon as they land, as well as making travelers comfortable with the transition.”

According to the ISA website,

“Hundreds of top-ranked programs across Europe, Latin America, Africa and more are available.”

(For more information on ISA programs visit

One student was attending as a participant. 

“As a freshman, I am looking for resources and trying to find out the process,” the student said. “So I can be prepared to study abroad later in my education.”

She was also asked where she would like to travel to and why. 

“Europe, France, Japan— anywhere with a different culture from the U.S. I would love to go sightseeing and traveling abroad is definitely on my bucket list.”

MNSU’s Center For Global Engagement can help students walk through the steps needed to apply for education abroad.

 Their website states, “Find a program, apply, and explore financial resources.” 

Application deadlines are October first for spring programs as March first is their deadline to apply for summer or fall programs.

Visit for more information.

Header photo: The Education Abroad and Away Fair allowed students to get information about places they can visit when studying abroad. (Alexis Darkow/The Reporter)

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