LatinX Affairs create love at ‘AmARTE’

On Thursday, the LatinX Affairs group held an arts and crafts event called, “Amarte,” (which translates to “loving you,” “love yourself” and “I’m art”). Due to the event being directly after Valentine’s Day, attendees focused on self love and spent the time creating cards, bracelets, and painting mugs.

Chiara Carrelutti, the graduate assistant of LatinX, said “LatinX is one of the four departments that the Multicultural Center has, we have African American Affairs, Asian American Affairs, Native American Affairs, and LatinX Affairs. We reach out and engage students with latino background or even students that aren’t necessarily latino, so they can come to our events and get to meet people from different cultural backgrounds.”

“So, basically it was the day after Valentine’s, so we wanted to have a Crafternoon type of thing where we provided mugs for them to paint. We also had bracelet making and card making, so we had around forty people as well, we had cupcakes. It’s just music, (we) hang out and meet new people, meet old friends too,” she added.

“AmARTE was a post-Valentine’s event to focus about loving themselves, in a way of doing self-care for its own person or enjoying a fun and creative time with others,” Fabiola Diaz, the director of LatinX and Multicultural Affairs, said. “Am-ARTE means, “I’m art,” creating art (painting mugs, making bracelets, creating cards), but also how each self is art in a way that everyone is unique in a beautiful way.”

“Love to see the students enjoying, de-stressing, meeting new people, having great conversations while doing a fun activity,” Diaz added.

“Anyone that is willing to participate or join in or know more about LatinX Affairs, they can follow us on Instagram. And our biggest event will be the LatinX night on March 22nd, where we’ll have Samba, like carnival but Latino carnival it’s themed, like to dance, eat, it’s gonna be a formal dinner, but everyone is invited, they just have to RSVP their table seat,” Carrelutti said.

As mentioned above, the LatinX night will be on March 22nd from 4:30-7 p.m. in the CSU Ballroom. If you’d like to know more about LatinX or the departments listed, come over to the Multicultural Center in CSU 269.

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Header Photo: LatinX Affairs held an arts and crafts event in celebration of Valentine’s day titled, “AmARTE,” in the Multicultural Center Thursday. The term, “AmARTE,” translates to, “loving you,” “love yourself,” and “I’m art.” 

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