SAGE creates community through entertaining educational events 

The Registered Student Organization SAGE (Sexuality And Gender Empowerment) is open for students to join. SAGE started operations in the Fall of 2023 after the club stopped operating several years ago.

The president of the club Alex Glaser said this was their first year on campus, when they decided to start the RSO.

“Me and our advisor Zeke are both new here,” said Glaser. “We found that there really wasn’t actually any LGBTQ activist group on campus and we were a little surprised because MSU is for the most part pretty LGBTQ friendly. And so Zeke approached me and a few other people to see if we were interested in starting this up and I said absolutely.”

SAGE members are meeting weekly. Glaser said they listen to updates from the treasurer or other members and make announcements about events and news on campus. Glaser said they are also using that time to get ready for events and activities that SAGE plans to host.

“Right now we’re trying to get a sit-in organized to protest some anti-trans bills that have been introduced in Minnesota,” said Glaser. “So we’re working on figuring that out and organizing for what we need to do.”

According to Glaser, the event is still a work in progress. Executive members of the team need to discuss the details and sign particular forms before hosting the protest. Additionally, Glaser said the SAGE would like to host educational events in the future.

“​​I think it would be very important to focus on educating about trans people because there has been a very big spike in transphobia in the past few years,” said Glaser. “And so with all the bills getting introduced, and all the bills getting passed in some other states, a lot of that happens because transphobic people just don’t know enough about trans people and people fear what they don’t understand.”

SAGE also works on hosting entertaining events for students and other visitors.

“We have the drag show coming up,” said Glaser. “There is no confirmed date but it is happening. We just have to find a time that works for Drag Me With A Spoon and that’s who we work with to do the drag shows.”

Glaser said students can join SAGE if they are looking to do LGBTQ-focused activism, take part in events or learn about the community if they weren’t familiar with it.

“SAGE creates the community because it brings people together for a united goal which is fighting LGBTQ+ discrimination,” said Glaser. “And having a united goal really does bring people together. We should stand up for what we believe in and be loud about it because the oppressors hold their power in our silence.”

Header photo: SAGE members meet weekly to listen to updates from the treasurer or other members and make announcements about events and news on campus. (Alexis Darkow/The Reporter)

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