Student Events revive roller skating rave

It’s no secret college students are under a lot of stress.

It’s also no secret that giving students a night of plain ol’ fun is a shrewd idea. That’s exactly what went down Saturday in the Otto Recreation Center as the Student Events Team turned the place into a roller rink.

The event was a hit with students.

“It’s nice to go out and forget about problems,” student Katharine Meyer said. “It’s easy to learn, something anyone can do, like Ice skating,” Meyer said.

The skating event, which included music by a deejay and food, was free for Minnesota State students. 

Students seemed pleased with the event was a massive success, as the gym was packed with students. So many students attended that they had to let people onto the rink in waves. About 30-40 people skated at a time. 

While students waited to skate, they munched on cotton candy and popcorn and played games on the floor above.

The Student Events Team had hired a company to set the place up. They simply told them the size they needed and the theme they were going for. 

Maverick After Dark chair Janat Kazibwe said ice skating events have always been a success in the past. And the last time they had a roller skating event was before COVID.

“I’ve always liked ice skating and it’s close to that. I’m a big hockey guy too. Rollerblading takes my mind off everyday things,” graduate Nathan Hyde said.

Roller skating has been around for a long time. A lot of people enjoy it for the nostalgic factor. Senior student Breanna Widmer is one of those people.

“There was a roller skating rink in my hometown, so I used to do it a lot. It gives me something fun to do that’s not like sitting around watching tv,” Widmer said.

Freshman student Jordyn Anderson talked about the social aspect of roller skating.

“No one makes fun of you. You can be terrible at it and no one cares. And it’s fun to be here with your friends,” Anderson said.

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Header Photo: The Student Events Team at Minnesota State held a skating event with a Y2K theme in the Otto Recreation Center Saturday night with music, a deejay, food and drinks. (Nathanael Tilahun/The Reporter)

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