Creativity is just as important as academics

In a world where there are constant demands at work and our overall lives are busy, we tend to put our creative projects to the side when we may get a small sliver of “free time.” The routines we get stuck in often tend to drain us, making it more important than ever to incorporate creative aspects into our daily lives. 

A lot of people think creativity happens when we dawdle or as a way to burn time. The University of Essex and Humboldt University of Berlin did a study in March 2023 to see how long-term practices impact creativity in workplaces. Brainstorming, meditation and creating storyboards were some of the most effective methods. 

In 2022, the World Economic Forum said creativity was one of the top 10 skills that define the world. Creativity is becoming more celebrated in corporate practices and it shouldn’t be overlooked as a valuable asset an employee could bring to the table. 

Creativity helps people solve problems more effectively as it encourages them to think outside of the box to look for ideas. It allows people to get out of their regular mindsets to come up with original ideas, therefore improving new solutions. Creativity can also help people better adapt to any type of change that may come their way. Being able to come up with a solution on the spot can help people over hurdles quickly. 

Allowing your coworkers to incorporate creativity into their daily tasks allows them to show up to work excited about their tasks. The typical routines people fall into get spiced up when creativity is invited into the workplace. It motivates them to come up with new ideas and can let them share thoughts they might not have felt comfortable sharing before. It also makes failure less likely to occur as anything could become successful. 

Besides helping out in our jobs, creativity helps improve our overall health. A lot of creative projects such as painting and writing, can lower our stress levels and help us relax. It’s a healthy way for us to express our emotions. Studies have also shown when we engage in creative activities, mental health issues are greatly reduced and cognitive functions improve. When our serotonin levels are up, it can contribute to us living longer lives. 

Creativity is not something we should fear, either in our jobs or recreationally. Our minds are capable of coming up with more than we could ever comprehend, but they can’t fully work to their potential unless we seize the opportunity to utilize our creativity to the fullest.

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